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You can now see the entirety of the software code that took mankind to the moon


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The magic of the Internet delivers again as the complete code for the Apollo 11 mission that took us to the moon is now fully available online for free.

Margaret Hamilton (pictured) was recently awarded a Presidential Award of Freedom for her work on writing the code for the mission that changed humanity and created software as it is now.

Now, more than 50 years later, we can all see the product of this amazing woman. It can be found on the open source platform for software, GitHub

The code was meant for the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), which provided the guidance, navigation, and control of the spacecraft.

While she wrote the original code on paper, her work was digitised by people at the Virtual AGC and MIT Museum.

GitHub is a code sharing and publishing service, where projects are open to the public to work on and improve. It’s kind of like Wikipedia for programming.

It also allows users to report any issues that might show up in any of the projects.

People took to the comments to ask questions about issues in the code, but most ended up reporting humorous ones.

One user complained that they cannot locate the astronaut ice-cream:  “One small scoop for man, freeze dried when not on land...? Mission abort!”

Another user found it quite useful, but was still wondering if they could go a bit further, namely to Mars: “I tested the code and it landed to the Moon properly. But can someone explain me how to fine tune it to go to Mars? Is it some config file to update?”

Extension pack for picking up Matt Damon (Interstellar, The Martian) was suggested.

And lastly, no one could resist a jab at the good ol’ Internet Explorer.

The release of this code shows that we live in amazing times - one where a project that would normally be kept under tight wraps is open to anyone with a good Internet connection.

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