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App of the Day: Stay Connected, Cardiff University

21st October 2011 16:01:39


Stay Connected, the new Cardiff University mobile application has recently been launched to streamline your afternoons on campus. 

Download the free app and gain access to University news and the library's Twitter feed in the palm of your hand. The contacts function allows you to quickly search for staff information alongside a nifty email tool, saving time if you’ve got to book a meeting or are running late for a tutorial. The handy calendar contains obligatory information about term dates and there is also the ability to screen Cardiff University videos.

To accommodate Freshers’, the maps function provides quick and easy directions to any buildings on campus. A particularly useful feature for those living in University Hall, who will inevitably be running late for the morning bus once in a while.

The Ask a Librarian function is interesting and shows promise, providing an instant messaging service from 9-5, Monday to Friday to connect with a member of Library staff and gain quick advice on any book-related queries.

Similarly, (providing it works), the ‘Find a PC’ option is a great idea come peak times, when you’ll spend half a day in search of a computer.

According to University publication Gair Rhydd, further improvements for the app are already long underway, and there are hopes for a more personalised version of the application to be finalised by Christmas. With luck the University will roll out a more customised app with implementation of individual weekly and examination timetables. Plus there is talk of further development into the library integration and access functions, with hopes to be able to renew library books on your mobile.

You can download the application from Android Market for free now.  

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