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Luke Franks's top 10 vlogging tips
Be Prepared: What to Look For When Buying a Laptop
This app will make organising your travels in Europe a million times easier


Can technology make us more spiritual?

Can technology ever be a constructive addition to people’s spiritual side?

There's a new messaging app and celebrities are doing some really bizarre things on it

Celebs are Yublin’ all over the place, and it’s not even a euphemism.

Meet Xian'er - the first robotic Buddhist monk

A new robot monk has been created to help those obsessed with technology reconnect with their spirituality

5 essential apps for studying abroad

A broader cultural experience, language skills, new friends – there are a wealth of reasons why studying abroad for part or all of your degree is getting more popular all the time. 

Tiga on Technology

Techno don Tiga speaks about the part technology plays in his work and wider culture.

YouTube users worldwide are asking the site 'Where's the fair use'?

he internet protests as companies abuse YouTube's copyright claim services in their favour.

How to get a career in tech

As technology becomes ever more central to our daily lives, the tech sector also holds countless career opportunities for graduates. A job in this fast-paced, constantly evolving industry offers variety, challenge and plenty of room for growth – not to mention competitive pay.

Technology Review: Lenovo Essential B50-80 Laptop

I’ll preface this article by stating that this is not a laptop for proffesionals, and I am not reviewing it for professionals. This is for the student that needs to grab the laptop on the way out the door to a lecture, write up a few words, then back home for a binge of whatever looks semi-decent on Netflix.

Top three online threats and how to deal with them

Expert tips on how to protect yourself online.

12 websites to get you through your first term at university and beyond

Money, food, fitness, books, health, knowledge – get yourself ready for the new university term with these very bookmarkable websites. 

Your iPhone is Stalking You

Does privacy even exist anymore?

This app will make organising your travels in Europe a million times easier

GoEuro ( has launched a brand new free and easy to use app on android and ios, providing the best options for travel by train, coach or air, all at the simple touch of a button.

24 hours with the Apple Watch Black Sport

I’m going to start by giving you some detail of how the Apple Watch pre-order process went for me.

Diverse Apple Emoji Are Finally Here!

iOS 8.3 means an update to emojis, featuring POC and LGBT inclusivity.

Be Prepared: What to Look For When Buying a Laptop

Laptops are your companion through relentless all-night study sessions and last minute essay dashes. Long after the coffee, energy drinks, and not-so-faithful study buddies have given up on you, your laptop will be there. At 3.00 am when you finally retire for the night, knowing you’ve produced a masterpiece of academic understanding, your laptop will fall asleep beside you.

Luke Franks's top 10 vlogging tips

YouTuber Luke Franks, who presents X-Factor Online and The Hits Radio Weekend alongside running his own YouTube channel, knows more than a little bit about how to use vlogging to get ahead.

Stretching a Loan With the Right Phone Contract

Even the most financially savvy student can have trouble when it comes to making their loan last, and unfortunately some expenses are unavoidable.

New nightlife app aimed at Leeds students to launch at Tiger Tiger this Tuesday

A new bar and nightclub app for singles is about to revolutionise the night out experience for students in Leeds - and its launch party is taking place at Tiger Tiger this week.

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