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Get Involved: Beck's Green Box Project

20th October 2011 23:35:31

Ever picked up a Beck's beer and caught yourself mid-thought wondering aghast at the artistic creativity behind the signature green glass bottle? Ever sloshed back the remnants of Beck's nectar and reminisced the art heritage of the brand that's shaped many an unexpected student soiree?


Well now's your chance to do more than just push back in your recliner with a cold beer from the fridge and delve into the brand's unique packaging, for the culture ambassadors with 25 years of art history under their belt have launched their biggest project yet: The 2011 Beck's Green Box Project.

This sensory spectacle juxtaposes the digital world with reality, pushing technology to new boundaries in the namesake of art. Taking full advantage of the developments of smart phones and tablets, Beck's, with the help of an ever-expanding collection of artists, have used their technology and portability to layer an augmented reality on top of the world we inhabit. And it's currently residing in thirty cities across the globe. 

By simply downloading the free 'Beck's Key' Application from iTunes or Android Market means you can start your global inspection of the sights simply waiting to be discovered by an appreciative art lover like yourself.

Upon finding a green box, you can launch the app and lock-in your screen, be it smart phone or tablet, onto the pin code displayed.  Within each box is kept an artist's imagination.  Snapping the pin code sets that creativity free, leaking image and sound into your conceptual reality and projecting a work of art, design, music or fashion onto the screen, except this new technology means that it's in living time.

You can even take a photo to show your mum.

Two "real life Willy Wonkas," blurring the "lines between the culinary and art worlds in a brilliant sense of English wonderment," Bombas & Parr's imagination has been captured in a green box somewhere, waiting for you to find it. After studying the works of Antonin Careme, the "King of chefs and chef to the Kings," these surrealist jelly connoisseurs have taken their food art from the stages of London Fashion Week and the Barbican art gallery, to architectural new heights.  


Bompas & Parr_US from Beck's Green Box Project on Vimeo.


The selection of works waiting to be found spans genres and tastes.  A second piece commissioned is by musicians The Horrors, whose "dark psychedelic 60s-inspired garage rock" has been combined with the graphic successes of Ciaran O'Shea to create an other-worldly sensation. A tribute to the Whitney brothers, who are often "considered the forefathers of computer animation" were a big inspiration in the creation of this organic visual object accompanied by a five minute immersion of "woozy" guitar waves and "kaleidoscopic harmonies".


The Horrors_US from Beck's Green Box Project on Vimeo.


The Horrors mention that they "wanted the piece to be something you could explore. We encourage people to wear headphones and to really lose themselves in this alternate world".

And commissioning 1000 projects over the next three years, Beck's Green Box's Keyholders are looking for your unique creative vision and independent talents in art, design, music and fashion to display to the visual public.


With submissions from the likes of Arne Quinze, Bijules and Widows, your name could be next on the list in the city of your hometown.

The application form for submissions requires you to fill out a form and write a short description of your proposal. You can attach up to five additional pieces to "bring your idea to life," be it sketches or demos. Lastly, the Keyholders, who have the final decision on all projects commissioned, want you to create a short video at Vimeo describing your idea and why you'd like Green Box's funding.

"Selected projects are brought to life as per the artist's original vision, unfiltered and unedited."

The Keyholders, Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel represent total opposites.

Nick Knight, a fashion photographer with award winning visuals and campaigns for the likes of Vogue, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Lady Gaga has recently founded SHOWstudio.com.  Knight endorses Green Box, saying "anything that gives people a voice and allows them to speak - which is really what art is - is a good thing" and that this dreadful period economically is causing everyone to suffer, let alone stifling the way that artists express themselves.

Sam Spiegel, aka. Squeak E. Clean, is a grammy nominated producer, DJ an composer, who produced the Yeah Yeah Yeah's sophomore record and is embarking on his own music project, Nasa, with DJ Zegon. After finding joy in the freedom to make exactly what he wants to make, Spiegel hopes the Green Box project will help create a network and form a community of artists evoking an evolution in the way we experience reality. 

"I really like bringing pieces together that people wouldn't expect," Spiegel mentions. And his individual style and sound, that have made him known in the industry is enough to give this man's voice resonance. "It's going to be a new medium and people are going to have really crazy ideas."

So the next time you relax with a Beck's beer, let your creativity take hold and think of where in the world your imagination could be unleashed. 

"It's always refreshing to do something different. Even just playing music for someone else," The Horrors.


"Beck's Green Box Project" from Beck's Green Box Project on Vimeo.

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