Wednesday 10 February 2016

Facebook changes privacy settings


After many attempts to improve how members share their personal information, Facebook will redesign privacy options.

Starting on Thursday 25th August, items that are posted on Facebook will have their own sharing settings determining who can view them. EvFacebookery time a user is tagged in a posting, including photos and videos, they must confirm or remove their identity before it appears on their profile.

Other chances made to the social media website include:

Tag takedown: users have the ability to remove tags and ask the person who tagged you to remove it.

In line controls: each item on the user’s wall has individual privacy options.

Location tagging: places can be added in all versions of Facebook.

Universal tagging: users can tag anyone not just Facebook friends, yet that person can choose not to accept.

Profile view:  option to change how others view your profile has been added above the news feed.

All these measures have been taken in order to help safeguard users and eliminate any cyber bullies who add other people’s names to distasteful pictures.

Chris Cox, Facebook’s vice president, announced that the newer options were much better than old ones and that “the goal is to make [the settings] more inline and more immediate, just right there in the profile.” Mr Cox also mentioned these changes were not meant for the use of children under 13, which founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he would like to happen.

Existing users will keep their current default settings and there should be no unexpected changes in user’s privacy during the changing process.

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