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Luke Franks's top 10 vlogging tips
Be Prepared: What to Look For When Buying a Laptop
This app will make organising your travels in Europe a million times easier


YouTube "creator store" opens in London

London sees the first physical shop for Youtubers' merchandise open in King's Cross.

Pokémon Go asked to remove island Pokéstop after players chasing virtual Seels scare actual seals

Hundreds of “trainers” have been heading to St Mary’s Island off Whitley Bay and the local council aren't happy.

Tinder users more insecure than those who avoid the app

And there we were thinking the app was only used by the super-confident.

The social side of social media

It seems that media creators now want to emphasise the actual rather than the virtual world.

Looking for love as well as Pokémon? There's an app for that...

Pokédates allows Pokémon Go fans to set up dates with other players.

University researchers want men to wank on their smartphones

Apparently smartphones are capable of many things: catching Pokémon, finding us dates, and now checking our fertility...

Hubble Telescope captures breathtakingly detailed picture of the Crab Nebula

The photo reveals the glowing heart of the supernova and is the most detailed image ever taken.

The iPhone Photography Awards winners will blow your mind

The power of the smartphone camera knows no bounds.

Juno's Jupiter mission in numbers

Key figures from the spacecraft’s epic five-year voyage across space

The (Digital) Man in the Mirror

Technology can be used as a tool to impact the world, but we need to ask: Are we going to be tourists or activists in the digital revolution?

Creepy app lets landlords read your private social media messages

Tenant Assured will show landlords any "red flag" social posts you've made - including mentions of money troubles or pregnancy scares

These students are on a mission to reduce water consumption

We're wasting two full bathtubs of water per day - and these students are determined to change it

New app fights food waste on university campuses

With £2.5 billion worth of food going to waste each year, it's time the topic of food waste is tackled.

Can technology make us more spiritual?

Can technology ever be a constructive addition to people’s spiritual side?

There's a new messaging app and celebrities are doing some really bizarre things on it

Celebs are Yublin’ all over the place, and it’s not even a euphemism.

Meet Xian'er - the first robotic Buddhist monk

A new robot monk has been created to help those obsessed with technology reconnect with their spirituality

5 essential apps for studying abroad

A broader cultural experience, language skills, new friends – there are a wealth of reasons why studying abroad for part or all of your degree is getting more popular all the time. 

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