Tuesday 13 October 2015

Drinkaware launches mobile phone app


Drinkaware has created a mobile phone app for the third year of it’s ‘Why let good times go bad?’ campaign.   drink aware mobile phone app

The “Good Times” app goes live next week and is based around the idea of keeping a timeline of your night out.

It will allow multiple users to keep a track of drinks and offers tips on how to make your night safe. The app will give users help on sobering up and finding friends with advice on how to keep safe with a ‘get me home’ feature providing taxi details.

Together with the app £3million worth of advertising will feature across London. Campaign messages will be plastered on the underground, train stations, bus stop posters, town centre adverts and billboards.

Partnership from NUS and nearly 60 drinks companies means the ads will also feature in stores, on products and in pubs, bars and clubs. The campaign expects to reach around 2.5million students

The £100million project which launched in 2009 aims to tackle the growing trend of binge drinking and with the partnership of private and voluntary sectors they hope to work together to promote social change.

Chris Sorek, Drinkaware’s chief executive said;

“Binge drinking among 18 to 24 year olds must be tackled and this five year commitment aims to help young adults change their own behaviour and tackle the acceptability of drunkenness."

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