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A Text Editor for Those who Can't be Bothered to Save

18th August 2011 16:44:51

The web has a lot of useful things; a lot of things which are supposed to improve the speed at which we get tasks done; things which are supposed to simplify our lives. 

The Notepad for Lazy People or Otherwise Silly, Finger-Slipping People

Personally I spend longer sifting through the list of Google Apps and Apple Apps and we've-probably-got-virus Apps than I spend doing the tasks which are meant to be eased by them. Take yesterday for instance. On a day off work I spotted one or two useful Google Apps and I figured I'd add them to my totally not cluttered Google Chrome desktop (I should add that the obsession with apps is one of the reasons I have not downloaded Firefox on this already a year-old laptop). Thinking that everything looked rather interesting on there I continued to search according to categories and lists and pages; tab after tab was opened and app after app was installed. PowerPoints, said my head, I need one of them! 

Once installed I proceeded to open the apps, one by one, only to find that a few were rather slow and were attempting to stream audio and video to a copper cable, the internet speeds of which an unfit tortoise could probably walk passed. PowerPoints! I thought, now this is what I want! I registered on the Prezi.com site eagerly, certain this new thing would help with a project I had planned...and then I realised that I didn't actually have anything to put on the PowerPoint. 

But not everything I am telling you is about seemingly useful, irrelevant to my lifestyle applications. Today I stumbled across a very simple, extremely useful website which I am writing this article on as I speak. EditPad.org. 

If, like me, you are one of those dimwitted idiots who can't be bothered to make a new Word document and choose a file location for the sake of a two-hundred word article, and you get bored of Notepad within seconds and you can't be bothered for that either, and all the online text editors you have tried from QuickNote to SpringPad to Google Docs are just too cluttered or take too long to open or too long to sync or too long to save and if like me your speed-enhanced mouse and your quick-flicking-fingers accidentally tap the bookmark on the bookmark's bar before you've had time to save the document fear not. Fear not, and try this website. It's nothing special and it's nothing incredible, but if you can't be bothered to save to your desktop, you want the Word Count that Word offers, and you don't want to worry about losing your work before you've had time to Copy and Paste to wherever you're planning to Copy and Paste too, try EditPad.org. Honestly, I just tried it. You know when you click 'back' in an attempt to recover work you know has been lost, or when the blogging platform you're using doesn't automatically save your work into drafts and has timed out on you? This pad doesn't ask you to refresh, doesn't shower you with warnings, and it doesn't lose your work. 

So I've finally found an 'app' (oh, okay, a website) which I will make use of. Now how much more time can I waste searching for things...?

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