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Black Mirror season five will reportedly have an interactive episode


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The fifth season of Black Mirror will feature a "choose your own adventure" episode, offering viewers the chance to interact with the story, a Bloomberg report has revealed.

The Channel 4 original series, which was taken over by Netflix in its third season, has been subject to criticism after its endings appeared to increasingly take on a more positive and happy direction.

Fans of the show both applauded this change, which can be seen in popular episodes such as 'San Junipero', and slated it, stating that the show may be losing its flare. 

However, an interactive episode, which will reportedly allow viewers to choose the ending of the story and may leave key character decisions to the viewers, may just be the perfect medium. 

The premiere date for season five is yet to be confirmed, but is suspected to be in December, around the same time as previous series.

Although the report was vague and offered no insight into possible storylines for the new Black Mirror season, it did say that Netflix has a number of other interactive projects in the works, including adaptations of unnamed video games. However, the interactive Black Mirror episode is reported to take this to "another level". 

Netflix is yet to confirm.

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