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TV Trailer: Daredevil (Season 3)


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We see Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock standing in the dark, bloodied under a single light bulb swinging over his head and it perfectly sets the scene for what is about to happen next. Or not.

Matt has always fought evil and crime, but as he realises evil is unstoppable, he decides to put an end to it, once and for all. 

screenshot from trailer

Image credit: Netflix on YouTube

“You can find a way to suffocate evil, put it behind bars,” he says ominously, “but it will find a way to come back stronger.” He concludes that there is only one true way to end evil. 

And boy, oh boy, do we have more than one question to this.

Is he referring to the return of Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin who made an absence in season two.

Or is he only referring to no other but himself? We saw his dark side being brought out by Elektra in season two which he fought then but what about now?

There are dark and bloody hints in the trailer that we could see his dark side return in the third instalment of the series. But we will have to wait and see – Daredevil season three debuts on Netflix on October 19.

 And all that is left to say: Let the devil out.

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