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TV Review: Preacher (Season 3, Episode 9)


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"This is what you've been looking for all along. Someone to accept you and your flaws. Just accept me and mine."

"Please, Cassidy. We're this close to happiness."

"I'd rather be sad."

The penultimate episode of Preacher is the show at its best and features some well-needed narrative release as well as equal lashings of building tension. All-Father is dead…Blown up by Genesis which is now firmly back at home in the body of Jesse Custer alongside the Preacher’s remaining part of soul.

An item that Jesse and Herr Starr fight desperately for when it falls from the displaced anus of the fallen cult leader. To the tune of Joy To The World, it should be added. Yup.

The suffering and lack of agency that Custer has experienced this season makes him, a la Spiderman, consider how his power comes with great responsibility. “On Your Knees”, he demands of Herr Starr. What will he do to the man whose head is now shaped like a dick? Show mercy… Of sorts. And keep his word he’d given Herr Starr that he wouldn’t kill or fuck him in a hilarious fashion once Genesis returned.

“No More Hats,” he commands, leading to a near-perfect reenactment of one of the comic’s funniest scenes. Starr tries multiple wigs on despretely trying to find something through which to hide his bellend bonce…Nothing is suitable and Starr’s scream of “Son of a whoring bitch,” is loud enough to be heard outwith the Earth’s atmosphere.

He takes pity on the cloned multitude of Humberdoos as well. Is the plural Humberdee? Instead of killing them, Custer sets them all free. Some will survive and some immediately die, but Jesse yet again shows restraint.

Other small displays of this are shown. Jesse returns to his gran’ma Marie, who knows he’s on his way to kill her and waits patiently, but it is yet to be seen how much mercy he can have when he faces the demons of his past and present in the presense of the malevolent old woman who is actually in cahoots with hell.

In Schwanzkopf, the characters of Preacher’s absurdist godless universe attempt to validate their own principles and world views built to cope with the reality they face. Jesse no longer has to do this. He can choose what is real. People call each other Maniac throughout as a response. Custer NEEDS to be the Messiah, Starr insists, as otherwise they need to go with All-Father’s original apocalypse plan.

All the world’s nuclear armaments are ready to be activated unless Earth accepts Humberdoo as lord and savior, introduced via the old soft shoe dance sequence from earlier in the season.

It’s the “worst apolcalypse plan” Jesse has ever heard, he says. Starr agrees calling All-father a lunatic. Only “undesirables” like “Hipsters.Presbyterians. Trade unionists. THE DANES” need to die.

Something Custer claims shows Starr is as crazy as All-Father. Later, when Cassidy is attempting to warn Eccarius’s group of the leader’s murder of all their flown compatriots, he calls him a “bleedin’ maniac”. Meanwhile, Arseface’s continued belief in “God’s plan” for him continues to be met with stares and derision from those around him. 

The Cassidy we see in this episode has grown significantly. He is a vampire and has had his wild un-controlled moments in the past, but has a moral centre under all this.

He has been desperate for a connection since we first saw him, attempting to find it through the angels, his son, Tulip and Jesse. It has never worked out. Eccarius attempts to use this to manipulate him into accepting the latter’s evil acts. He has been looking for Eccarius, someone who can accept him and his flaws. “Just accept me and be mine”, the dandy vampire asks. One of the saddest quotes from the season is then spoke by Cassidy.

Showing how strong he has become as a person he states, “I’d rather be sad”. While Eccarius then resorts to turning the children of blood against him and placing him on a up-turned billard table to be burnt by the slowly approaching rays of the sun through the window, Cassidy convinces the landlady to call the flown vampire members like Lisa. Hopefully Eccarius’s deception will be revealed in the finale before its too late.

Finally, on Tulip’s end, things have went to shit. That supposed O’Hare curse causes Arseface to recognize her when she’s convincing Syndney, Angel of Death, to free Featherstone. Soon she is with him and Hitler on a bus ride to hell.

Her mind runs a mile a minute as she attempts to devise escape plans for them with artful animations showing us how she visualizes these ideas. Taunting the Saint of Killers as an “Errand Bitch”, Tulip has changed dramatically from the person traumatized by SOK last season. All thanks to Jessie beating him.

When Sydney reveals she isn’t dead, SOK seems troubled by the rule breaking. He’s called a polyanna. Without God, “It’s the Wild West”, she reveals to him. Not that the rules did his family any good she says cuttingly.

While this seems to set up SOK having a change of side, in the end, the hellbound characters are instead saved by…Nazis.

Okay. It's business as usual for Preacher. Let’s hope the finale puts a bow on this beautiful present of a Preacher season.

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