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Joey Tribbiani’s Top 10 Best Moments


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Matt LeBlanc’s performance as Joey Tribbiani, the dim-witted womanizer with a heart of gold, in Friends will go down in history as one of the most iconic performances of all time.

Whether he’s stuck in a turkey or hitting up women with the line we all know and love - ‘How you doin'?” - Joey will always have our hearts. In honour of LeBlanc’s 51st Birthday, here’s a countdown of Joey’s top ten moments on the hit sitcom that brought him to our screens.

10. When Joey gets a handbag (ep. The One with Joey’s Bag, Season 5)

Joey has been breaking gender stereotypes since 1999. This episode sees Rachel fit him out with a new look for an audition, complete with a man-bag to help him look sophisticated. Joey’s new look garners ridicule from his friends and ultimately loses him his audition but he still looks chic doing it, plus his defence that anyone can wear anything they want as long as it makes them happy is exactly what we need in 2018.

 9. When Joey added fire to rock, paper, scissors (ep. The One with the Late Thanksgiving, Season 10)

After Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Joey are all late to Thanksgiving Dinner, it comes down to rock, paper scissors to decide who will go in first to face the wrath of Monica. Joey brings out fire and for a moment thinks he has won, only for Phoebe to beat him with water balloon. It is a moment that reminds us of Joey’s childlike innocence and his sheer ridiculousness.

8. Joey’s infamous pickup line 

‘How you doin?’ The line that had girls weak at the knees for ten seasons and the line that will be forever remembered as Joey Tribbiani’s go-to chat up line. Have a look at the video below for a compilation of all of the times he has used this, to varying degrees of success.


7. When Joey can’t decide between sex and food (ep. The One Where Chandler Gets Caught, Season 10)

“I want girls on bread!” This outburst came about after a discussion between the friends, if they had to give up either food or sex which would they choose. Joey couldn’t possibly make such a choice between the two loves of his life and the stress led to the exclamation, ‘I want girls on bread!”

6. When Joey defends healthy body image (ep. The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits, Season 10)

“I’m curvy and I like it!” Joey is the role model we all need. After Rachel’s sister Amy makes a snarky comment about Joey’s love for fast food and how ‘a moment on the lips stays forever on the hips’ Joey comes back with the iconic retort, “I’m curvy and I like it.” Joey is standing up for people everywhere showing us all how to love our bodies for what they are.


5. When Joey gets stuck in the turkey (ep. The One with All the Thanksgivings, season 5) 

This moment is delivered to us in flashback form as the friends reminisce about their favourite thanksgiving memories. One in particular is when Joey tries to scare Chandler by putting a turkey on his head only for the turkey to get stuck leaving Joey a half man half turkey beast. It is a moment that proves that we don’t even need to see Joey’s face to still love him.

4. When Joey is the only one who enjoys Rachel’s trifle (ep. The One Where Ross got High, Season 6) 

Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Beef? Good. After Rachel misreads a recipe and produces a dessert of half English Trifle, half Shepherd’s Pie, Joey is the only one of the friends who actually enjoys it. In his simple way, the dessert is perfect because everything in it is good (even though no one ever intended them to be served together). His childlike innocence and the simplicity of his mind are why we love him.


3. When Joey doesn’t share food (ep. The One with the Birth Mother, Season 10) 

Joey is a light hearted and free spirited character but there is one thing he takes very seriously and that is his food. Joey is as protective of his food as he is of his friends and when it comes to other people, Joey doesn’t share food! His stubbornness when it comes to his food is both ridiculous and amusing and it’s why we love him.


2. When Joey goes on the quiz show (ep. The One Where the Stripper Cries, season 10)

‘Paper, Snow, a Ghost!’ Joey’s appearance on Pyramid is one of his most memorable moments, showcasing his astounding lack of general knowledge as well as endearing enthusiasm. His shockingly poor performance works to the annoyance of his teammate but to the amusement of everyone watching at home. 


1. When Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes (ep. The One Where No Ones Ready, season 3)

One of the most memorable aspects of Joey’s character was his friendship with Chandler, whether they were raising poultry together or competing for women, they were always best friends at heart. However the funniest scene, and taking the top spot on the list, is the moment when Joey and Chandler argued in season 3. The squabble started when Joey took Chandler’s seat and escalated hilariously with both pranking the other, until Joey finally ended the dispute by wearing everything Chandler owned. Joey’s commando lunges in Chandler’s boxes are simply brilliant. Watch the clip below and enjoy!

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