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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 25)


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Sadly, it’s of little surprise Lucifer got cancelled, with the third season having such a shaky performance in terms of views. Disrupted scheduling and standalones, which while some were amazing, generally slowed down the pace of the plot, all contributed to the decline of views.

Regardless, before we say goodbye (or continue to fighting to save Lucifer), we had two more episodes to enjoy. The first of them, ‘Boo Normal’, is a self-contained story of an unlikely friendship between a girl and a ghost, in which we finally dig in Ella’s backstory.

Incidentally, it also reminds us of what made us fall in love with the show to begin with: the awesome combo between supernatural and police procedural, so masterfully interwoven that both Lucifer and Chloe are equally important to the plot.

Add in good tunes, sarcastic quips and that’s Lucifer in a nutshell.

As such, ‘Boo Normal’ gives us a case; but this time it’s forensic scientist Ella, who has to face a choice: go back to her family, which she really cares about, or stay in LA, where she is needed and cherished. While she is pondering that, an old supernatural friend of hers makes a surprise visit, and later turns out to be Lucifer’s baby sister, Azrael.

Charlyne Yi manages a nuanced performance of the Angel of Death, given the limited screen time she got.

Originally drawn to Ella because of her cheery attitude, which went completely against the usual behaviour of everyone else she talked to (because they were all dead), Azrael pretended to be a ghost and hung around with young Ella, until it became unsafe for her.  

It comes as no surprise that Ella would be involved with a supernatural being, given that her deep unrelenting faith has been underlined so many times. However, it makes it all the sweeter that the Angel of Death herself would get attached to her because of what a small sun she is.

Azrael also misses Lucifer like crazy, but haven’t spoken to him for ages because of mistakes which make us seem way too relatable to us.

It’s rather enjoyable to watch Lucifer interact with siblings who aren’t Amenadiel, or wanting to kill him (as we last saw in the first season). Both Tom Ellis and Charlyne Yi give their all in the scene between the two, and it shows.

Episodes of the third season of Lucifer, as well as the two previous seasons, are available on Amazon Prime.

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