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TV Review: Legion (Season 2, Episode 6)


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Continuing on with the in-depth character explorations, Chapter 14 delves into the many minds of David, as well as the underdeveloped relationship and dynamic he shares with his sister, Amy.

The episode follows different versions of David, each in alternative realities, showing what his life could have been had he not become involved with Division 3, featuring him as a junkie, a homeless outlaw, the wealthiest man in the world, and a heavily dependant and medicated store worker, amongst a few other scenarios.

“There’s this thing, this multiple worlds theory from like quantum mechanics, right? And every thing we do, there’s like a million possible outcomes, choices. And each outcome actually happens, like a tree growing branches. In another timeline, I’m like a billionaire or homeless or married in the suburbs with like 3 kids,” a disheveled and disoriented David says.

Comic books and the superhero/sci-fi genre are no strangers to exploring the possibly of alternate dimensions, so it doesn't come as a surprise that the show has dedicated an entire episode to explore the familiar premise.

The two versions of David that stand out the most are the the realities of the all powerful billionaire David, and the completely dependent stacking-boxes-in-a-store David. Both scenarios provide a look into David and Amy’s strained relationship, which after last week's reveal, definitely evokes an emotional response.

Billionaire David is arrogant and selfish, using his fortune for greed and personal desire. He has everything a man could possibly ever want or need, but none of it makes him happy. His relationship with Amy is reserved and hostile, with this scenario posing her as the one who depends on him - the opposite of reality.

In the store worker scenario, the roles have reversed with David as a completely dependent man, incapable of providing for himself, separated from the world around him from the amount of medication he has to take. This portrayal is the closest we get to the real relationship of David and Amy, making it that much harder to watch David struggle through the altered life, knowing that this easily could have been the outcome of his foreseeable future, had he not joined the division.

The entire episode seems to be over as soon as it starts though, with each scenario woven neatly into the next, keeping you invested and engaged throughout. Whilst this may provide useful insight and information into the character relationship and dynamic, I can’t help but feel like we are getting further away from the plot each week. I wonder if the recent announcement detailing that there is going to be an extra episode to finish season two has anything to do with this?

Overall, Chapter 14 was an interesting and stylistic story, but the show that normally has you laughing, and distressed, at its boldness, has recently taken a noticeable turn. The tone has adjusted and the pace has retracted, making it it a challenge to judge where all of this is headed.

Legion airs on FOX UK at 9pm on Tuesdays. 

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