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A definitive ranking of the entire Made in Chelsea cast


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Chelsea: the place to be if you’re young, (kind of) single and fabulously wealthy. It’s a place many dream of living, but thanks to the genius producers over at Channel 4, it’s a reality we get to vicariously live through our televisions on Monday nights.

Since the show first aired in 2011, the cast has grown and evolved in ways you couldn’t even imagine. From the main cast's short flings to the childhood friends sent in to stir up trouble, here’s a run down – from worst to best – of the most memorable cast members.

56. Harry Baron

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The Taylor Swift of MiC, he’s as snakey as his lanky body looks. 0/10, avoid at all costs. 

55. Neptune

It’s terrifying and I feel it could posses some Dorian Gray type magic to keep them all young. I also just wanted to really emphasise Harry’s low ranking by placing an inanimate and frankly nightmarish portrait above him.

54. Josh Shepherd

His relationship with Steph was way too intense and Josh always came off looking like a creep. Way too controlling, it was probably because he knew he was punching.

53. Tiff Watson 

Considering her lengthy stint on the show, there should be more to say, but it’s better left at this: Sam Thompson deserved better.

52. Daisy Robins

 Once said she hoped a bus would hit and kill Olivia, then denied all knowledge of it and cried.

51. Frankie Gaff


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Coming into the series just as the Watson sisters were phasing out, Frankie saw her chance to be Queen mean and took it. Creating arguments for no reason, meddling in other peoples relationships and just out right not being very kind towards her fellow cast mates saw the demise of many on-screen friendships for her.

50. Victoria Baker-Harber

Sharp tongued and never one to shy away from a controversial comment or two, Victoria splits opinion, however she’s more of a pot stirrer than a main ingredient. Let’s also not forget the time she managed to drop four f-bombs and call Cheska a fat turkey all in one sentence. 

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49. Sophie Hermann

The Gretchen Weiner of Chelsea, it’s better she leaves the mean girl thing to Victoria.

48. Hugo Taylor 


Departing the series after only three seasons, Hugo certainly left his mark. Torn between both Millie and Rosie, he did what a Chelsea boy naturally could only do and tried to have it on with the both of them.

47. Ryan Libbey

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Louise’s latest love interest, personal trainer Ryan is a man child. In some respects, he’s just what Louise needs, but could probably find a way to be jealous of a grape if Louise liked it enough -  please see the above image for how I imagine Ryan would stare at the aforementioned grape.

 46. Catherine 'Caggie' Dunlop


Potentially the source of Spencer’s womanising ways, Caggie’s influence left an impact right up until Spencer left the series. After all, let's not forget that he ran to an airport for her… THE Spencer Matthews. Madness.

45. Sophie 'Habbs' Habboo

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Habbs likes to meddle. She waits in the shadows for a little bit of gossip, before leaping into frame and spreading her shadowy gossip, only to then return to the shadows again. Shady.

44. Rosie Fortescue


Still considered one of the greatest betrayals in Made in Chelsea’s history, Rosie’s hook up with Hugo in season two set the precedent for how not to be a good friend. Despite being an original cast member and starring in 126 episodes, Rosie failed to really make an impact beyond this.

43. Alik Alfus

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He’s got an accent that sticks out like sore pinky in Chelsea and is best known for his relationship with Louise and subsequent torment of her new boyfriend, Ryan. Naturally, after purchasing a £40,000 engagement ring and never getting to put it on Louise’s finger, he’s a bit bitter. 

42. Nicola Hughes

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Why you would choose to date Mytton following his infidelity issues is a little bit mind boggling, but Nicola ‘changed’ him… until he dumped her via text after *wait for it* cheating on her too. Seems like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

41. James Dunmore 

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Boyfriend of Lucy, that’s all there really is to say about him. Perhaps he’s the yin to her yang, or maybe opposites really do attract but had it not been for his ties to Lucy, he probably would have left the show after a season or two.

40. Jules Hamilton 

Jules threw a bit of a spanner in the works when dating both Lucy and Rosie, revealing that he was polyamorous and did in fact have a girlfriend who also shared his beliefs. There’d certainly be a lot less drama in SW3 if they all adopted that lifestyle.

39. Lauren Frazer-Hutton

For a while there, we really thought she had changed Spencer for good… until Spencer did, as Spencer does. She gave it a good shot, but didn’t quite stick the landing.

38. Ella Willis 

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Generally fine, there’s nothing too exciting to say on Ella, but who knows if that’s a good or a bad thing in Chelsea? The Juliet to Julius’ Romeo, they managed to defy all odds (Liv) and actually stick it out.

37. Gabilicious Tristao

Yes, that is her real name. You probably won't remember her, but she hosted a party celebrating her breast reduction, which is the level of extra we should all aspire to be.

36. Ashley James

A former flame of Ollie Locke's, she's now better known for her CBB romance with Ginuwine.

35. Amber Atherton

Made in Chelsea’s opening scenes were at the party for Amber’s jewellery line launch but despite a promising start, she quickly faded into the background before leaving the series.

34. The Forgotten Souls of Chelsea


Every season has one or two floaters, who appear for short time without making waves and eventually drift along. That’s not to say they don’t deserve an honourable mention in their own right, it just means they’ve failed to leave a lasting legacy worthy of an opinion. From ill-fated romances to scene extras, you may remember the faces but you probably won’t remember the names. Special shout-out to the French busker Caggie dated after the most unrealistic random meeting to date.

33. Julius Cowdrey

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A bit of a wet lettuce, Julius can only seem to maintain one close relationship at a time. He’s your classic ‘date over mates’ cliché, and can’t even seem to fully commit to that.

32. Tina Stines

You’re more likely to remember Tina from her stint on season two of Love Island, however she appeared on the show before and after her time in Spain. That being said, she made about as much impact on Chelsea as she did Love Island and subsequently made a quiet exit.

31. Gabriella Ellis


The demise of her relationship with Ollie Locke saw Gabriella do the thing all girls do post break up - scout an Ollie lookalike for her next music video and tell everyone listening ‘it’s not about him’. Sure it’s not.

30. All of Spenny, Jamie & Myttons' flings


They know what the boys did and they still went there regardless. It would come as no surprise that these girls often ended up with the same fate as their predecessors. There’s too many to list, but very few of them stuck around for long enough to be known as anything more than that.

29. Phoebe Lettice Thompson

She did edgy things with her hair and kind of had a dead behind the eyes attitude, so fit right in. She set the standards for ‘cool girls’ everywhere.

28. Mimi Bouchard

Girls everywhere rallied behind Mimi after being called a ‘dumpling’ by Tiff. She’s wound a lot of the Chelsea girls up the wrong way, but unlike most of them, Mimi’s intent never seems to be too malicious.

27. Digby Edgley

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If Liv were a lion, Digby would be her tamer. She may have denied getting the 'ick,' but if the scene above is anything to go by, I wouldn't blame her. Dubbed a ‘closet wanker’ by Frankie, there may be more to him than meets the eye, but for the most part, he’s a relatively mediocre addition to the cast.

26. Richard Dinan

The highlight of his time on the show is definitely his role in Ollie Locke’s Diamond Geezer wrap party sketch. Other than that, he’ll just be remembered for palming Toff off via text.

25. Fredrik Ferrier

Away from the main storylines and drama, Fredrik is nice. He’s more of a thinker than a talker, but in a world so saturated with people talking for the sake of it, he's a nice change.

24. Jess Woodley 

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Jess was always cool. It was her breezy ways that made the viewers adore her but alienated her a little from her fellow cast mates. Not to be mistaken as fellow cool girl with a blonde bob and nose ring, Phoebe.

23. Olivia Bentley 

In classic Made in Chelsea style, Olivia began her time on the show as a bulshy, opinionated woman with a ‘my way or the high way’ attitude and was greeted with a frosty welcome. Since she met Digby, however, she's got a lot less time for drama and spends more time convincing everyone (including herself) that she doesn't have the 'ick'.

22. James Taylor

Still finding his feet, James’ infatuation with Toff is adorable and makes for lovely, albeit cringe, watching. Perhaps he’s the knight in a tweed jacket the girls of Chelsea were all waiting for?

21. Sam Prince

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Prince by name, Prince by nature, sam is generally a nice guy. However his recent infidelity and questionable choices suggest he might fall victim to the nice boy curse and inevitabley turn into Spencer Junior. He’s also one of the few people to see straight through Harry Baron, so he must be a lot smarter than he lets on.

20. Stephanie Pratt

The introduction of Stephanie Pratt was a controversial one to say the least. The scripted reality pro ruffled many feathers, but actually ended up being a much loved cast member.

19. Millie Mackintosh


Now divorced from Pro Green (we were confused too), Millie is back with her former MiC fling Hugo. Millie’s time on the show was best known for how she dealt the womanisers of Chelsea. From the time she threw her drink over Hugo, to a scene with Spencer known simply as ‘The Slap,’ she set the standards for no-nonsense women. 

18. Lucy Watson


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Perhaps one of the biggest transformations, Lucy went from the ultimate mean girl to girl-next-door. Responsible for some of the greatest facial expressions and argument ending one liners, the Watson eye roll will go down in history. Though she did fade into the background ever so slightly by the time she departed the series, at least she stopped having to ask why everyone was getting up in her grill.

17. Clementine Cuthberson

Despite the name, Clemmie is one of the most down to earth cast members to date. Relatively drama free, our only wish for Clemmie is to never fall victim to another Chelsea boy with bad intentions (we’re looking at you, Jamie).

16. Francesca 'Cheska' Hull

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Cheska started the series as a blog writing busy body but soon became a staple addition to SW3. Despite the distance that grew between her and Binky throughout the years, nothing made MiC fanatics happier than the revelation of their perfectly timed pregnancies.

15. Alex Mytton


No one was as shocked as Mytton to find out he’d been cheating on Binky. Slightly older than a lot of the younger cast members, he’s almost become a mentor on what not to do when in a tricky situation.

Will we ever forgive Mytton for what he did to poor Binky? No, probably not, but he does get bonus points for his fantastic ‘black-out’ acting. That being said, he has redeemed himself in recent seasons and is a staple of the show.

14. Josh JP Patterson

JP broke Binky’s heart and in turn, the whole of the nation's. His fear of commitment has somehow lead him to fathering a child with Binky, which we’d say is pretty committed.  

13. Jane Felstead

Binky’s mum and all round legend. The show would not have been the same without her and important afternoon tea crisis talks. She became the mother of the cast and in turn was highly respected by all.

12. Ollie Locke


Ollie is an all-round nice guy and has always had the best intentions at heart. Despite his storylines drying up, his epic showdown with JP over his treatment of Binky is testament to his character. That said, he did own way too many items of Union Jack printed clothing, of which I’m not sure he can ever be forgiven for.

11. Louise Thompson


Her London Bridge showdown with Spencer will go down in history as one of the most brutal on-screen MiC confrontations. Since then, Louise has done her fair share in heart breaking (a moment of silence for Andy Jordan please).

10. Spencer Matthews 


His infamous self-congratulatory grin and habit of wining, dining and cheating on every woman he seemingly comes into contact with would place Spencer pretty low on anyone’s list. His one redeeming feature is the fact that he unapologetically knows what a shit he’s been and we kind of love to hate him. Made in Chelsea hasn’t been the same without him.

9. Georgia Toff Toffolo

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The sweetheart of Chelsea and Queen of the Jungle, it’s hard to find something bad to say about Toff (Jacob Rees-Mogg infatuation aside).

8. Stevie Johnson


A teddy bear in a world full of grizzly bears. Why Steph ever chose Josh over him will always remain a mystery to MiC fans everywhere.

7. Sam Thompson

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His turbulent relationship with Tiff Watson and that hideous tattoo cast a shadow over much of Sam’s time on the show. A source of comic relief for the most part, Sam’s happy go lucky attitude is a welcome addition to the show.

6. Jamie Laing


In recent seasons, Chelsea’s very own Peter Pan has turned from lovable rogue into love rat extraordinaire, however his cheeky chappy ways always seem to win audiences over. He also gets bonus points for the creation of Candy Kittens, A.K.A the most delicious things on this planet.

5. Oliver Proudlock


One third of the lost bois and creator of THAT portrait, Proudlock was the epitome of effortless hipster cool back in the day. Older and more mature, he’s returned to Chelsea as a fan favourite and is always on hand for a DMC.

4. Andy Jordan


Oh Andy, you guitar-playing, Louise-loving sweetheart. One of the few genuinely nice guys to walk the streets of Chelsea, he is missed by all. Please come back.

3. Francis Boulle


If you searched for “wholesome” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure a picture of Francis would show up. When he’s not mining for diamonds in Ghana, he’s always fondly welcomed back into the MiC scene.

2. Mark-Francis Vandelli


A true connoisseur of all things Chelsea, Mark-Francis is the resident fairy God father of Chelsea. The show would be lost without him.

1. Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead 

A post shared by BINKY FELSTEAD (@binkyfelstead) on

I’m yet to meet a single person who does not adore Binky. She is the textbook definition of a best friend and has been sorely missed since her departure from the show. She always deserved a happy ending and it seems like she may have finally got one.

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