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5 of the Best TV Couples


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There's no better time to take a look at some of the best couples in television than Valentine's Day.

Of course, this list is subjective; each couple has had an emotional impact on me personally. While some had a happy ending, others… not so much. But, for me, they were the perfect couple. Now excuse me while I go cry into some ice cream and watch reruns on Netflix.

1. Monica & Chandler (Friends)

Move over Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler are the real heroes here. You would’ve never guessed in the first few seasons of Friends that these two would make the perfect couple - in fact, at one point Monica even tells Chandler she wouldn’t go out with him if he was the last man on Earth… (awkward)

However, their completely unexpected drunken one-night stand turned into the healthiest relationship on the show, not an annoying on-again off-again will-they-won’t-they that literally every sitcom after Friends copied from Ross and Rachel. Once they’re together, they’re together, and it proves you can still have brilliant, hilarious and dramatic situations without cheating or arguing for the sake of it. Monica and Chandler keeping their relationship secret is one of the best storylines of the entire show, not to mention they had the most romantic proposal AND wedding vows I've ever seen.

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2. Mulder & Scully (The X-Files)

Some people didn’t like the idea of Mulder and Scully becoming romantic, which is why they kept their relationship so freakin’ ambiguous for seven freakin’ seasons. Then when they finally did get together, David Duchovny left the show. Not great. While I can understand wanting a platonic male-female friendship, it doesn't really work here - I don't know many friends that give so many forehead kisses.

Personally, I think the duo have the best chemistry of any couple on television, and their relationship naturally progresses throughout the show; they save each others lives countless times, both literally and emotionally, and they are the only person the other can really trust. It makes complete sense for them to end up together, because it wouldn’t make sense for them to be with anyone else. It’s clear even from season two that their bond goes much deeper than friendship, and, well… they complete each other.

Because this is a totally platonic stance between two friends, right?

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3. Kurt & Blaine (Glee)

I’m talking about seasons two and three only, before everything went to shit. The relationship between these two started off so perfectly, but it didn’t take the writers long to ruin it by making them do things completely out of character because they’d run out of ideas. So, forgetting that season four ever existed, these two are the cutest.

Blaine helps Kurt to face his bully and be more comfortable and proud of his sexuality. They were extremely popular with fans, to the point that when the season three Christmas episode didn’t include the ‘box scene’ - after a promo image was released of Blaine holding a suspiciously ring-sized box out to Kurt - fans came together to raise over $13,000 for charity to get their hands on the script, which was being auctioned, to finally find out what happened. Later, show creator Ryan Murphy said he would release the scene if he got 500,000 followers on Twitter. When he got 250,000 in a matter of hours, he acquiesced and put it up on YouTube. Now that is fan dedication.

I know you must be curious, so here it is:

4. Sheldon & Amy (The Big Bang Theory)

Unpopular opinion: I still like The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Amy have a unique relationship, and as someone on the Autistic spectrum, I appreciate it. While they still haven’t explicitly stated his condition, it’s very likely that Sheldon has Asperger’s Syndrome or something similar. Sure, it’s not a perfect representation since they often make fun of his antisocial traits, but at the end of the day his friends, and Amy in particular, are always there for him.

Amy is patient with his discomfort for human contact, with it taking three years for them to even kiss. It's refreshing to see a romantic relationship that can still be strong without always being focused on sex. Amy makes Sheldon a better person, but doesn't try to change him: she accepts him for what he is. 

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5. Jeff & Annie (Community)

Although Jeff and Annie were never ‘officially’ together, they kissed a few times and had a hella lotta sexual tension. Thanks to Community being such a wacky show, that doesn't mean we never see them together: they're a couple in the ‘darkest timeline’, an alternate reality which was introduced in one of the series’ best episodes, ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’.

Although Jeff got with another main character, Britta, for a while, they were never really suited. Despite Annie being much younger than Jeff, she is a much better match for him. I’m obviously not the only person to think so, since they had a final kiss in the very last episode of the series, and Jeff even daydreams about having kids with her… only for Annie to leave for a job in another state. Ouch. It’s actually a heartbreaking scenario, because while Annie is the best person for Jeff, Jeff isn’t the best person for Annie. But hey, at least they’re (sort of) happy in the darkest timeline!

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Honorable mention: John & Sherlock (Sherlock)

Yes, John, we all know you’re ‘not gay’, but, just like Irene Adler says, that doesn’t mean you’re not a couple. John and Sherlock have some of the best chemistry on television, with a similar interdependency to Mulder and Scully. Like them, they save each others’ lives constantly and make each other happy… most of the time.

Plus, also like them, you can’t have one without the other. The show may be called “Sherlock”, but John is just as important - I’m sure you wouldn’t watch it without him. Does this mean they’re secretly in love with each other? Probably not, but they have an emotional connection that is deeper than your average friendship. 

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