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TV Review: Travelers (Season 2)


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The second season of the sci-fi show Travelers has hit Netflix and kicks off where the first season ended.

The travelers have been interrupted while trying to destroy the Quantum Frame and are questioned by the police. As the season progresses, Vincent Ingram appears as the villain.

There are villains you love to hate, and Vincent isn’t one of them. There’s no intrigue to him; his backstory is banal and so is his character. Plus, he is supposedly torturing travelers and jeopardising the future of humanity simply to protect his son, which is a bit of a weak motive for a villain.

At least the protagonists’ personal lives are still entertaining, especially (and in this order) those of Marcy, Grant and Carly. In fact, their ‘host’ lives are arguably more interesting than the main plotline, and should have had a lot more screen time. It would also be cool to see more flashbacks of the host’s lives before being overridden by the travelers.

The tenth episode, which shows Marcy’s former life with a severe speech impediment, is especially poignant and the best of the season. MacKenzie Porter shows off her acting skills in a brilliant performance, as we learn how Marcy met David and the huge effect he had on her life.

Other than that, the episodes are about all the same calibre: good, but averagely good. We don’t see any of the other travelers’ past lives, but we do learn a bit about Trevor, while present Grant has some family problems. It’s interesting enough to keep watching, but not exactly a cult classic.

Time travel is known for being confusing with all its timelines, paradoxes and whatnot, so at times it’s hard to follow the scientific aspect of the plot. More information about both the future AND the past would be good, since right now we’re stuck in the present and at times not entirely sure what’s going on.

The finale ends on a pretty big cliffhanger though, so if the show gets renewed for a third season (which is as yet unconfirmed) it could potentially veer off in an entirely new direction.

Until then, if you’re bored and into sci-fi, Travelers is worth watching.

Travelers is available to stream on Netflix now.

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