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TV Review: Glitch (Season 2)


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The not-really-zombies-but-not-really-alive-either, otherwise known as the Risen, are back after a two-year hiatus and are just as confused about their origins as ever.

Although advertised on the site as a Netflix original, the show is actually produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company. Glitch is inspired by the French drama Les Revenants, which was also remade by Netflix as The Returned. While both series are about people coming back from the dead seemingly healthy, the storylines go in a very different direction with Glitch taking more of a science fiction-inspired route.

Like Season One, Season Two only has six episodes. This is a shame since it is all over so quickly, but the bright side is that everything is important; there are no filler episodes, boring conversations or pointless actions. As well as being hunted, the Risen have their own personal problems: Kirsty learns more about her murder, Kate goes on the rebound, Paddy keeps fighting for his family estate, Charlie learns how he died and ‘John’ discovers his real identity.

Season Two carries on directly where we left off, with James making a shocking discovery about Elishia. What you may have forgotten if you watched Season One a while ago is that Sarah, during labour, “was gone for a second there” - in other words, she died. This was only briefly mentioned but it turns out to be an extremely important plot point this season, since she essentially turns into another Vic, intent on destroying the Risen. She’s also joined by Bo’s stepdad after he ‘dies’ in an explosion.

The thing I find most unbelievable is not that they came back from the dead, but that they don’t seem too bothered by the new environment and technologies, especially when some of them lived 100 odd years ago. Seeing them interact more confusedly with phones could’ve added more humour, but still, it’s not necessary for the story and perhaps would’ve just wasted time.

Overall, Season Two is pretty much the same as Season One, which, if you liked the first season, isn’t a bad thing. We learn a bit more about how and why they came back at the same time the characters do, which allows us to share in their frustration. Some of the storylines are a bit clichéd, but the acting is good which still makes it enjoyable. Or maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure. Either way, it’s fun to watch and doesn’t require much effort.

While Season Two ties up most of the loose ends, there are still enough questions left over that a third season could be possible. Whether or not the story will continue further however is a question that still hangs in the air.

Glitch is available to watch on Netflix.


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