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TV Review: Mr Robot (Season 3, Episode 8)


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After the explosive developments over the last couple of episodes, this week’s Mr. Robot has decided to let us take a breath.

Although eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko might seem suspiciously calm and sombre, it is nonetheless very important both as a eulogy to the characters we lost and development for Elliot.

Instead of reminding us of the gut punch that was the death of Trenton and Mobley last episode, the episode starts with a flashback to when Elliot’s father was still alive. He doesn't stay alive for long, as we well know, but the scene shows us that Elliot's mental illness has been going on for a while. 

The rest of the episode follows in a similar vein, brimming with introspection, sombreness and nostalgic call-backs to the first season, when somehow things seemed happier.'s

Elliot deleting Trenton and Mobley from his life on a computer rife with Allsafe stationary, leaving his dog Flipper with the neighbour, and buying insane amounts of morphine are all direct call-backs to the first season. It is when he visits the families of Mobley and Trenton, now known terrorists affiliated with Iran, that it becomes obvious that he’s not planning on surviving till the next day.

While Mobley’s brother doesn’t even want to hear his name, Trenton’s family is suspicious; her father is sure she is innocent. However, as he leaves, he gets followed by Trenton’s little brother Mohammed. This is how our main character is saved.

Since he can’t leave the kid alone and his parents have mysteriously vanished to visit his uncle, Elliot becomes an unwitting babysitter. The dialogue of Trenton’s brother is very well written, toeing the line between weirdly perceptive and childishly fascinated by the world, as it should be for a 10-year-old boy. He calls out Elliot, gives him lollipops and holds going to the movies as top priority.

As the episode slows down to allow for both the audience and Elliot to process everything that’s happened, that allows us to see what the Mr Robot world has become. Detention centres don’t even get a bat of the eye, while curfew has now started being imposed.

Society is barely organized now, but there’s still hope. On the backdrop of the terrible situation they are in, people still have time to dress up and go to the movies, drive ice-cream trucks and fall in love.

The final moments of the episode are especially poignant. After Elliot and Mohammed finally bond in his family’s mosque, Elliot goes on to ensure Mobley’s funeral through some old fashioned blackmailing. Following the entire theme of the episode, his last stop is Angela’s apartment, where, separated by a thin wall, he reminisces for a better time.

Though the third season of Mr Robot has barely left us time to breathe anyway, it’s unlikely that we will get another moment of respite with two more episodes left in the season. Trenton’s deadswitched email was meant for Elliot and will no doubt kickstart what will be the final arc of the season.

All seasons of Mr. Robot are available on Amazon Prime, with new episodes of the third season arriving every Thursday.

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