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TV Review: Mr Robot (Series 3, Episode 7)


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Two faces who have been missing for the entirety of the third season are finally back – but that never spells luck for anyone in the Mr. Robot universe, much less for Trenton and Mobley.

Picking from where we last left them in the second season (with Leon asking them the time), they are now stuck with a Leon, who’s now been revealed to be working for the Dark Army.

The cold open of the episode is the perfect medicine for anyone suffering from Leon withdrawal. Joey Bada$$ is as amazing as ever to bringing the contrast between Leon casually talking about how underappreciated “Knight Rider” is and the utterly terrified Trenton and Mobley sitting next to him.

While we can only be happy to see them on the screen again, however, Whiterose has plans for every character, and it seems that it’s only her who’s having a great time at the moment.

While in FBI custody, Tyrell Wellick is finally informed of his family’s fate by a Dark Army-owned Santiago. Though this show is of no shortage of morally grey characters, his promise to turn his son into a statistic, and leave him in an abusive care home, and the entire scene is just chilling.

Elliot is back to Krista, terrified that he has something to do with the explosions, but once he pulls out Mr Robot, it’s revealed that the two were equally played. It’s incredible to see a Mr Robot who’s as clueless and angry as Elliot is.

The scene acts as a reminder that no one knows that the 5/9 hack was orchestrated by Mr Robot and Elliot. That adds another partial explanation as to why Elliot misses Mr Robot – he is the only one he can share the guilt with. Luckily, Krista is unable to report him due to her oath.

In the synopsis of the episode it says that “angela hits the rewind button. a lot.”, and boy, isn’t that an understatement. Faced with the incredible reality that she has directly caused the death of thousands of people, she falls back on the only thing that can give her hope right now – the promise that Whiterose gave her that everything will be reversed in the end.

However, from Whiterose’s conversation with Phillip, it feels that she had fooled Angela into working for her, rather than promise her any sort of reconciliation. That being said, her plan seems wide-reaching, and it’ll take us quite a few more episodes to see how all the threads of the plot will connect to her plan. That’s because by now it’s obvious she has been the one pulling the strings all this time.

The episode finishes with her framing Trenton and Mobley as terrorists working for Iran, having orchestrated the entire hack. That in itself feels like a commentary about how easy it is to frame two brown people as terrorists, when the chief organisers get away with it, rather than a cheap stereotype.

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