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TV Review: Lucifer (Season 3, Episode 8)


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After last week’s unreliably narrated fiasco, Lucifer goes back to a time-tested classic in its eighth episode “Chloe does Lucifer”.

A strong case of the week where a murder reveals a shady secret in a highly exclusive celebrity dating app acts as the background under which Lucifer tries to understand the peculiarities of humanity and his own capability of change.

The episode starts with an adorable enough scene. Though suggestive and helped by the name of the episode, the dialogue between Chloe and Lucifer reveals that instead of a saucy night, they are having a nice night in playing Monopoly with Trixie.

That lays the foundation of this episode’s drama, which is what constitutes being interesting and to what extent you should sacrifice doing what you like in order to appear such.

The murdered victim in the case, a computer engineer Kim Jones, is hastily deemed as boring by both Lucifer and her roommate. However, they soon find out that it was her who actually developed the app, while the current CEO, Mack Slater was the face of the campaign and the one who eventually ousted her from the company. She had wanted to lower the exclusivity of the app, but he wouldn’t let her do that.

The episode stresses the unhappiness that stems from doing what you want and doing what you think is necessary in order to be glamourous online: from Kim’s roommate turning out to be a phony to Slater building his fortune on a woman’s success.

On that note, it’s incredibly powerful to see three very different women – Chloe, Ella and Charlotte – play such a massive part in the investigation.

Ironically enough, it is through social media that they manage to find the murder weapon – a home dumbbell, which fits Ella’s description perfectly.

While the episode does carry an undercurrent of a strong message, the humour is not lost either, when both Lucifer and Chloe show up to Slater’s home with the intention of seducing their way into Slater's house. 

Elsewhere, Amenadiel helps Linda get to terms with her husband’s death, a nice continuation from last week’s episode. Moreover, with Charlotte’s new appointment as a public defence, we will definitely be seeing more of the new her.

The scenes where Ella just straight up avoids her are not only funny but also hint at future developments.

That is always great to see, as Lucifer excels at putting different characters together and making them bounce off each other with great dialogue and sincerity. Charlotte’s increased presence at the precinct will definitely affect Lucifer and Dan.

New episodes of the third season of Lucifer are available every Tuesday on Amazon Prime.

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