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TV Review: Wentworth Prison (Series 5, Episode 12)


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Humanity and friendship is at the core of this series finale. Like always, Wentworth Prison still delivered an unnerving finale with shock twists and questionable character decisions. 

Still acting as govenror, Channing is keen to put Ferguson in harm's way as much as possible – releasing her back into the general population and rejecting her request to be put in protection. He also decides to release Kaz who has been slotted for accidentally creating the lynch mob.

Clearly Channing is keen to create a hostile environment, baiting Kaz to get rid of Ferguson by claiming she will be out for blood. However in the medical wing, Ferguson's fragile state is clear and although she has been a loose cannon in the past, it remained doubtful that she would be capable of anything too gory this episode.

It’s clear that Channing is not the best governor and fails at what Vera does best; treating the inmates as human beings despite their crimes. This aspect of Vera’s personality shone through last week when she saved Ferguson, and the freak herself struggles to understand why Vera chopped the rope that was killing her.  I can’t help but hope that the next series will be the downfall of Channing and the rise of Vera. She is clearly the better governor, and understands how to run the prison much better than Channing.

Whilst Kaz has to toy with the idea of murder, Franky and Allie are all set to escape until Liz asks for Franky’s protection. Franky’s loyalty to her friends is so pure and wonderful, throughout the past five series she has always stood by her friends. This week, she offers to give up her chance of freedom and opportunity to prove her innocence and help Liz, who is so vulnerable after Sonia’s manipulation. 

I don’t usually dislike Allie, but she uses her own skills of manipulation to convince Liz to tell Franky she no longer needs her. Understandably, Allie wants her freedom, but Sonia is dangerous because very few people can see how harmful she is. At this point, Liz needs Franky more than ever. 

However, Liz takes the situation into her own hands and does the one thing I hadn’t predicted: she gives Sonia a drug overdose. If anything, I would have imagined Liz putting something innocent in Sonia’s beverage like laxatives, but Liz - who moments earlier had been crying in fear - overdosed her enemy in an effort to take her out for good. 

Sonia’s overdose leaves Allie and Franky a short time frame to get into their escape boxes – especially as Allie got caught by Jake leaving the workshop earlier. Splitting up, we are only given Franky’s narrative of the escape - creating doubt as to whether Allie actually made the escape. After all, the only thing we are given of Franky’s companion is a pair of feet.

In the free world, it’s as if Franky can do anything. Her exhilaration and determination is clear. Despite my previous doubts about this plan, it’s hard not to feel positive and hopeful that Franky will find the proof of her innocence. She is free and right now no one can touch her.

Whilst Franky runs free, the same cannot be said for Ferguson. Making a deal with Jake, Allie gives Ferguson her place. However, before Ferguson can escape, her box is transported by an unknown truck. The mystery continues when we see Ferguson’s box being buried – with Ferguson still inside. The person burying her? Will Jackson.

It’s hard to imagine how Ferguson will get out of this one, but how will the act of literally burying someone alive effect Will? His morals and humanity stand as good as Vera’s, which was evident when he forgave Franky for murdering his wife.

The conclusion of this series marks what seems to be the end of both antagonists. But with no official information on Sonia’s health, I think it’s safe to say that she’ll be back for revenge in the next series. As for Ferguson? It’s probably the end of her reign of terror, but Sonia could easily take that place.

Overall, this wasn’t the most shocking or thrilling finale Wentworth Prison has produced, but trying to outdo last series - which saw the horrific murder of Bea Smith - was a hard task in itself.

As Franky searches for her innocence and with Ferguson left for dead, a hopeful new future seems to be set for the inmates of Wentworth. 

Wentworth Prison airs on Sundays at 10pm on 5Star.

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