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Five of the maddest fan theories that could come true in Game of Thrones: Season 7


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The countdown to the seventh series of Game of Thrones is almost over and to celebrate, we have rounded up five of the maddest fan theories we hope will come to life this summer.

Brace yourselves, winter is here and so are the tinfoil theories.

1. Cersei's death

Following the clues that have been carefully laid down by George R.R. Martin, fans think they have nailed down Cersei's killer. As you might remember, Cersei was given a prophecy by a witch which not only foresaw the death of her children but also warned Cersei of her own demise at the hands of a "valonqar" or 'little brother.'

While Cersei might be convinced that Tyrion is her killer sibling, the popular theory poses that it is actually Cersei's lover and twin brother Jamie - who was born minutes after her. As Cersei descends into her own madness, Jamie may be the only one who can stop her from taking any more lives.

Credibility Score: 5/5 - RIP Cersei

2. Sir Jorah Mormont is the prince that was promised

A fan has suggested that Azor Ahai a.k.a: the Prince that was promised is none other than Sir Jorah of House Mormont. Azor Ahai is a legendary hero and wielder of the Lightbringer sword who will be reborn to defeat the White Walkers as per yet another prophecy.

Does Jorah fit the description of the legend? Hardly, but this would be a shocking twist and maybe finally win him a place in his beloved Khaleesi's heart. Don't blame us if you are not buying into this one - we promised mad theories and we delivered.

Credibility Score: 1/5 - Only in his dreams

3. Bran turned Aerys into the Mad King

Now this one actually holds a lot of merit - especially in light of the events of Season 6. We learnt that Bran Stark was responsible for what happened to young Wyllis (more commonly known as Hodor) who in an attempt to save Bran had a seizure and kept repeating the words "Hold the door". Do we know of anyone else who may have suffered from a similar incident?

King Aerys Targaryen was reportedly screaming "Burn them all!" for hours before Jamie slayed him, so is it possible that Bran was somehow also responsible for Aerys's descent into madness? The author of this brilliant theory on reddit speculates that "burn them all" may have been said in reference to the white walkers. 

Credibility Score: 3/5 - Not this sh*t again, Bran.

4. Arya will become Lady Stoneheart

Every single member of the Stark (and Snow) family has gone through hell and back since the series began, but Arya's journey is one of the most intriguing parts of the series. Last time we saw her, Arya had completed her training as a Faceless man and was getting revenge on the Freys by baking them into a pie.

One theory draws a parallel between Arya's plot of vengeance to that of Lady Stoneheart's, who so far only appears in the source materials and not the TV series. Perhaps instead of a resurrected Catelyn Stark, Arya will be the one to fill her shoes. 

Credibility Score: 3/5 - Lady Stoneheart Jr.?

5. Khal Drogo is the Night King

To finish this list off, it's time to ponder over the maddest reddit theory of them all. What if Khal Drogo returns from the dead as a white walker and Daenerys has to defeat him? It's as likely as Hodor, Margaery and all of our other beloved characters coming back to life - which is next to none.

We don't necessarily expect this to come true, but having Drogo return on an undead dragon would be pretty sick. 

Credibility Score: 0/5 - Valyrian tin foil 

Excited for the new series? Let us know if what you think of these and share your own mad theories in the comments below!

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