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TV Review: The 100 (Series 4, Episode 12)


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The Chosen, the penultimate episode of the series The 100, was fast, engaging and involved more risk than ever before.

Throughout series four, the struggle for survival before the radiation hits has been key. Now that the bunker has been found, Skaikru must decide who gets to survive before the day ends. 

Jaha continues to fight for the right of all the Skaikru to survive this week, which boils down to the fact that he doesn’t see the grounders as worthy humans – and neither do the rest of the Skaikru population.

Failing to get Kane and Abby on his side, he starts colluding with those who are angry that a lottery will decide who gets to stay in the bunker or not.

But who does deserve to die? A horrible question, something no one should ever have to think about, but it all boils down to the fact that the other clans all chose their 100 survivors. The creators of The 100, however, are continuing this narrative that the Skaikru are ultimately better than the grounders.

Yes, they know how to work the machines that provide sustenance for everyone but does that give them the right to automatically assume that every member of Arcadia deserves a spot in the bunker?

I don’t think so, and to watch Jaha and the rest of them continue to assert their superiority over the grounders has become tiring after four series.

Arguably, this episode was tailored to create sympathy for the Skaikru – especially since we don’t get to see how the other clans responded to only choosing 100 survivors.

The episode would have benefitted from seeing how the other clans dealt with the choice.

Did they also consider fighting for their right to all the spaces in the bunker or did they just get on with it?

It’s undeniable that The 100 has consistently focused on Skaikru, but now is the time to bring in the other clans too. Their culture and ways of life would be much more interesting than what Skaikru constantly represent.

Thankfully, not all members of Skaikru see this as an injustice. Kane, who was nearly locked out of the bunker is keen to keep the peace as usual.

However, this week he resorts to gassing the entire population of Skaikru after getting Jaha to understand the error of his ways. Gassing his people in order to get them to comply is clearly tough for him.

We don’t get to see Kane emotional very often but Henry Ian Cusick gives a touching performance as the leader watches his people get carried into the bunker or outside to die and they take the names from Clarke’s list that caused so much controversy at the start of the series.

Speaking of Clarke, this week she and Bellamy head to the island to save Raven.

Murphy and Emori join the pair as they know they won’t get picked in the lottery and plan to spend the rest of their days in the bunker on the island despite the fact it has little food and water. 

With 23 hours until the radition hits, and a journey that will take ten hours both ways, there’s only three hours to spare if nothing goes wrong.

However, when the group get ambushed by grounders and Emori’s radiation suit is ripped the plan to return to the bunker is over.

Giving up her radition suit, Clarke tests if the night blood in her veins will protect her from the radiation in the air.

That gives Bellamy the idea that if Abby can turn all Skaikru into night bloods then they can all survive. He clearly doesn't consider the fact that they have less than twenty hours to turn 400 people into night bloods.

It isn’t until they finally reach Raven that their true plan is revealed – they will all return to the Arc. If earth is no longer safe, next week the members of the original 100 will go back to their home in space. 

The conclusion of this episode almost qualified it for the finale. The 100 faces a lot of pressure next week. I only hope that Clarke doesn't have to push any levers: I think three finales of doing that is enough for one show!

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