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TV Review: The 100 (Series 4, Episode 3)


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This week truly reminded me why I enjoy watching The 100 so much. Full of twists and turns, The Four Horseman is arguably the best episode of series four so far.

The episode opens in Arkadia with Raven dealing with the stresses of rationing and Clarke feeling the pressure to list the 100 people who will be sealed inside when the radiation hits. The decision to save those enslaved by Ice Nation last week has only increased the troubles. Not only that, but the radiation will hit within two months, not the six that A.L.I.E initially gave them.

Luna returns this episode, but it’s not good news. She brings members of her clan to receive medical treatment for an unknown disease. Abby, who is no longer in Polis, confirms that the group have contracted acute radiation sickness after they ate an irradiated fish. The effect of the radiation has become so severe that insects and sea creatures are beginning to die.

Now tasked with treating Luna and her people, Raven is the one to decide whether or not to give the newcomers radiation medication. Focusing on keeping resources for those who will be sealed in during the radiation, Raven rejects Abby’s plea for medication for the child, who is suffering from acute radiation sickness.

Despite Raven’s insistence, Murphy, who has returned to The Ark to steal food, utilises his thieving skills to steal medication for the child, thus mimicking his own father's crime that got him killed.

Meanwhile, tensions are still prevalent in Polis. Illian and a group of looters have taken to destroying all technology and Roan is facing more stress after The Flame is stolen. To stop the missing flame news going public, Octavia takes it upon herself to find the Flame Keeper who is the number one suspect of the crime. Little does she (and the audience) know that the Flame Keeper is actually Indra’s daughter. Despite the estranged relationship between the two, Octavia ensures Indra's daughter safety from Roan by presenting a head of a looter and a smashed chip (a fake flame destroyed by the looters). Although the Flame Keeper is safe, Octavia still risks the safety of Roan and the coalition because without the flame, Roan’s leadership has no purpose.

Surprisingly, it's Jaha in Arkedia that provides some sort of hope for the group. After researching into a Doomsday Cult, Jaha believes he knows a location of a bunker that could potentially save everyone. Although the last time he went on a salvation hunt he found the City of Light, Clarke and Bellamy both go with him to hunt for the bunker. 

The scene that follows is what made the episode. The group finds the bunker and tension immediately rises in the group. What if there are people in the bunker? Will they be friendly or potential enemies? The Skaikru aren’t good at making initial friends with people. And what if the people are no longer alive? Then the bunker is not a safe option for survival. After ripping the sealed door off with the rover, the truth about the bunker is revealed. As Clarke, Bellamy and Jaha look in on a pile of bodies, the bunker is deemed unsafe and any hope left for them evaporates. 

Or is it? After the medication failed on the child, the end of the episode presents us with numerous body bags with all of Luna’s people dying from the radiation sickness. Except, not all of them have fallen to the illness, Luna appears to be recovering. With less symptoms, it appears her night blood contains a form of resistance to the radiation.

The end of the episode arguably finishes on a high note, but what would be lazy to see in The 100 is Skaikru utilising Luna’s blood in a Mount Weather style as throwback to series two.

Clearly her blood contains a solution to the radiation problem. While Series 4 seems very keen on looking back on other events, hopefully they won’t utilise Mount Weather forms of medication and immunisation. 

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on E4.

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