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TV Review: iZombie (Season 3, Episode 3)


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In this week’s instalment, iZombie offers dumpster diving, unsolicited yoga advice and dance battles alongside the usual brains, puns, and impending apocalyptic doom.

This episode finally shows Major training, as he makes slow progress as a zombie mercenary, going from White Team’s most useless member to a soldier on par with all the other mercenaries who have years of experience. Over that period, he strikes up an unexpected friendship with another guy, who also sticks out like a sore thumb. We also learn how the brain yogurt supplied by the paramilitary organisation works.

The brain of the week is that of a yoga guru, with Liv finally achieving an “inner peace” that she has needed for a while. On the other hand, Clive isn’t ready to deal with the special type of people that can be found in yoga studios.

Meanwhile, Ravi’s ex-boss Katty Kupps, played by newcomer Christina Cox, is getting closer and closer to the heart of the zombie mystery, or, in her eyes, the people with brains in their stomachs that keep popping up in her investigation. This is probably the fastest a person has come to unravelling the secret of zombie existence (besides Ravi himself), which is bad news for any new addition to the show.

One of this season’s strongest points has been allowing David Anders to sing more often, a trend that will hopefully continue throughout the rest of the episodes. In the scene dubbed “Cheers Debeers”, the best pun of this episode, Blaine and Peyton’s relationship continues to develop as she agrees to help him with his father’s will.

The love triangle between Ravi, Peyton and an amnesiac Blaine deepens, as Ravi finally confronts her with his own thoughts and baggage from the finale of the previous season. Peyton, however, takes no prisoners, as she refuses to accept his apology, which is a thinly veiled attempt to get her to do the same. In one of the most powerful moments for her character, she asks him if he apologised because he meant it, or if he only said it to make her apologise as well.

The triangle continues to fester unpleasantly, as Blaine turns down the opportunity to help out with developing the anti-zombie cure, and particularly the amnesia side-effect. He is rightfully scared, as he doesn’t want to go back to good old evil Blaine, but Ravi won’t have any of that. His completely justified negative feelings towards Blaine finally bubble up on the surface, adding a new layer to the normally easy-going character of the series’ regular.

However, the show writers make a terrible mistake by dismissing his feelings as him being jealous of Peyton and Blaine’s relationship. It’s becoming a disappointing trend in iZombie that although the show has a terrific plot and surprising plot twists, the romantic subplots are more than lacking. It would do the show well to ditch them, as its strengths lie elsewhere.

Interesting as it was, this week’s episode raises a couple of common sense questions. For example, why doesn’t the idea of people eating brains make people think of zombies? In the world of the show, the concept of zombies does exist, but no one seems to bring it up.

In addition, why would everyone think it is a good idea to try to return the memories of an amnesiac Blaine? That would mean bringing back a sociopath who isn’t above torture and murder in order to further his own business plan. Surely, despite all the dangers that the cures pose, one wouldn’t want to try to do that, especially when the amnesiac version is so sweetly clueless.

New episodes of iZombie arrive on Netflix every Wednesday.

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