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TV Review: Emerald City (Season 1, Episode 6)


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Emerald City is full of surprises this week as we finally learn some of the mysterious secrets of Oz, such as how Dorothy and her mother are connected to it and what happened in Lucas’s past.

Audiences discover a new side to The Wizard (Vincent D'Onofrio) in Beautiful Wickedness, as his complex character becomes even more so, revealing flaws and attachments that shine new light on how he came to be the man we meet.

Perhaps most surprising about these revelations is what it uncovers about Dorothy (Adria Arjona), as it becomes clear that her connection to Oz is more complicated than originally seemed. While the long awaited meeting between Dorothy and The Wizard is not what audiences anticipated - in some respects it's even disappointing - the secrets that are uncovered provide their own excitement as the background and future of Oz begin to take shape and become clear.

Meanwhile, The Wizard’s secrets are not the only ones to be revealed, as Lucas’s (Oliver Jackson- Cohen) interrogation uncovers his own demons, but the secrets revealed admittedly raise more questions than they answers.

Indeed, the truth and remaining unanswered questions haunt Lucas far worse than his previous memory loss, leading to a dangerous search for answers that could ruin everything that he and Dorothy share. Though the truth may set you free, Lucas’s search for it might just lead him to destruction.

If he wants to protect his relationship with Dorothy he will need to walk a fine line; one wrong move and he may find himself back where he started, out in the cold and all on his own.

Tip (Jordan Loughran) and Jack (Gerran Howell) finally reunite when they both find themselves staying in the Emerald City. However, their reunion is not a happy one, as the painful scene acts to remind audiences of how much has been lost along the way.

This friendship that was once based on love and innocence now stands in tatters, regret and mistrust taking the place of respect and affection. Similarly, the characters they once were are clearly gone, hardened by life into unrecognisable people who are capable of surviving no matter what occurs, even if this knowledge has come at a high cost.

Beautiful Wickedness intrigues this week as it takes audience members down a dark road, uncovering the dark and dangerous secrets that lie in our characters pasts. It focuses on the drama and tension of the episode, ignoring humour in favour of suspense.

The character development in this episode is intriguing, yet despite the new information, it's not yet clear what Oz is really like. These revelations tease the audience with answers, however for every answer we learn, ten more questions take their place. 

Emerald City airs Wednesdays at 9pm on 5STAR. Watch the trailer below.

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