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Louis Theroux is set to tackle Donald Trump in his next documentary series


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Everybody's favourite documentary-maker, Louis Theroux, has chosen his next subject for eagle-eyed scrutiny and it's gonna be 'uuuuge.

That's right, Theroux on Donald Trump will be the next subject in his BBC series.

Since his unexpected rise to power, Trump has proven to be divisive to say the least. Taking his no-holds barred business approach to the American constitution, the 45th President has signed off on dozens of controversial acts within the first few weeks of his presidency.

From reinstating a global gag order that bans US-funded groups from providing safe abortons to women to his sweeping executive order that halts refugees and Muslim immigrants from entering the country, many consider Trump's policies to be a major step back.

In an attempt to get a better understanding of Trump, as well as his policies, Theroux will film a new three-part series.

Speaking of his upcoming project, Theroux said: "It feels like a whole cultural, almost sea change in how the world is part of the post-Brexit wave of populism.The story seems to change every day with Trump. There’s something new bubbling under. It’s hard to get your head around such a big subject.

"The challenge with Trump would be... something so abhorrent that walks on two legs and is a human being, you have to explore where his foibles come from I hope people will like it. [It will be good].

Theroux has tackled a plethora of controversial topics in the past, including brothels, neo-Nazis, Scientology, cults, aliens and paedophilia. 

The series is expected to air later this year on BBC Two.

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