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Are you a Netflix cheater? You're not alone


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There’s nothing better than a day spent in pyjamas, watching endless Netflix episodes with your partner.

And there’s nothing worse than logging into (your mum’s) Netflix to realise that you’re suddenly an episode or two ahead, even if you haven’t watched anything since you were with your other half. 

According to new research though, 'Netflix Cheating' is on the rise.

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There are articles all over the internet about how to hide your ‘Netflix cheating’ from others, including rewinding, having a secret Netflix profile, and even deleting watched episodes from the viewing history.

It seems that this is for good reason, as a global survey carried out by Netflix has found that over 48% of the 30,000 couples surveyed have watched ahead of where they left off together, and 63% would keep doing it if they would continue getting away with it.

They found that the shows that people most often cheat on are Narcos, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and Black Mirror. The highest number of cheaters are in the USA and South America, while people from Germany and the Netherlands are apparently less likely to cheat.

Netflix also found that 28% of cheating happens when someone’s partner is away for work, 25% when they’ve fallen asleep and 24% when they’re at work. Shockingly, 14% of those surveyed think that Netflix cheating is worse than actual cheating.

But don’t worry, it’s not completely unavoidable – there are ‘commitment rings’ the couples can buy that mean you can only watch a certain show when the other person is there.

Or, you know, you could just not jump ahead and trust that your partner won’t either. But that’s too complicated. We need to know what happens next, dammit! 

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