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A Youtube Artist has created the cutest ode to Stranger Things in this animated Peanuts mash-up


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If you're still feeling some Stranger Things withdrawal since you binge watched it over the summer, Youtube artist OnlyLeigh has a nice early Christmas present for us.

Created by Leigh Lahav & Oren Mendez, A Stranger Things Christmas is a lovely mashup of Stranger Things and Peanuts and serves as a much-needed sequel of sorts.

In the animated short, Will Byers returns from the Upside Down, feeling like a changed person, and seeks the advice of all his friends and family.

“Will Byers, you’re the only person I know who can be rescued from a mysterious paranormal universe and still find a way to feel crummy about it,” his friend Dustin tells him.

He then asks Eleven for advice, but she has nothing but Eggo waffles to offer. His mother Joyce, who speaks in Peanuts‘ usual garbled adult language, is of no help either. “Sometimes I think you just can’t talk to grown-ups unless it’s through light-up letters on a wall,” Will sighs to Lucas.

Neither Mike’s impromptu dance party set to the Stranger Things theme song, nor even the Demogorgon (who’s taken up Snoopy’s role) are effective in making Will feel better. And that’s when he realises something: “I guess I should feel happy the whole town came together to save me, and that’s what happiness is all about in the end. The people who truly care about you. The folks who would do anything to get you out of a creepy parallel swamp universe.”

Stranger Things is set to return to Netflix for a second season next year. 

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