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The Undead's Upon Us: Fear the Walking Dead Premiere


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I, along with millions of others have waited for this Sunday ever since Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead premiered their season finale. While I've found comfort in discovering and catching up with shows such as Vikings and Black Sails, a piece of me felt lost... until now.

Fear The Walking DeadThis Sunday brings the series premiere of Fear the Walking Dead and I cannot wait.

The Walking Dead aired it season finale with its highest ratings yet, 15.8 million viewers. It was cataclysmic, it compiled all the great qualities The Walking Dead has built up over the years: action, suspense, character development and moral dilemma. And when earlier this year its spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead was announced, the Walking Dead community went mad.

Fear the Walking Dead will offer viewers a completely fresh take on the post-apocalyptic world we have come to love.

As a prequel to TWD we are going to be immersed into a world on the edge of annihilation, ignorant to what is to come and most likely full of all the face palming mistakes people do when confronted with a zombie rising. But what's more exciting is that we know how the world ends up and as a result we are left strapped down, powerless to help as our protagonists (and most certainly antagonists) wander blindly into a fate already decided.

So far we know we shall be meeting a dysfunctional family grappling with all the common ailments of modern life; we'll meet rebellious as well as troubled teenagers and perfect strangers who are trying to survive alongside our shows main cast.

From a pilot review we know the series will build slowly, reflecting societies reaction to the crisis and as a result will be faced with far fewer 'hordes' but instead deal with humanities initial interactions with the undead and how their ignorance shapes this. Interestingly what's more, we will see a marked difference in FTWD's 'walkers' and the show's creators have highlighted how the effects of time will be clearly visible on the undead's appearance.

The show looks to be headed by the two parent figures, the 'mother', Madison Clark whose portrayed by Kim Dickens and the 'father', Travis Manawa, portrayed by Cliff Curtis. Much like TWD the cast seems to be dominated by actors who have enjoyed peripheral success but have not yet broken into mainstream success.

However, the future looks promising for all involved if the show can enjoy but a fraction of its predecessor's stardom.  

One thing's for certain, with Fear the Walking Dead premiering this Sunday and The Walking Dead returning Sunday 11th of October, this Autumn is going to be 'dead' exciting. Sorry!

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