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10 websites and apps that will help you pass first year

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Your first year of studying at university can be tough. Why not make it as painless as possible?

Here are a few websites to help you succeed at your uni studies. 


This was an absolute game-changer for me at university. I took a punt and downloaded it for free in my first lecture and never looked back. Install the application on your computer, tablet, and phone, to sync the written and audio notes you take whilst in lectures and as you revise. It also saves paper and hand-ache – Evernote cannot be missed. 

Google Scholar 

Google Scholar will be your first port of call when writing academic papers. Gone are the times when Wikipedia or, unashamedly, BBC Bitesize sufficed as the source for inspiration and essay content. Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine and contains roughly 160 million vital academic journals and papers. 


The first thing you’ll do when you get to university is attack your reading list (okay, it might not be the first thing but it’s important nonetheless...). Not every university has local second-hand bookstores nearby, and If your books are not available in your library then Amazon is the place to go. Massive money saver. 


OK, so I wouldn't recommend using this as the source of credible knowledge for your academic work, but it does act as a starting point for understanding a range of topics. The links to web sources at the bottom of each article will open up a web of credible sources for your bibliography.


So let’s set the scene. You’ve just finished that 3,000 word essay and you have five minutes until your online submission deadline passes. But wait! You’ve forgotten to write up those all important academic references in your bibliography. Don’t worry - all you need to do is input the title of your source on EasyBib and you’ll have your reference instantly.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) 

If you have an early start which you cannot afford to miss, your standard alarm will just not do the trick. This app has no snooze button. The only way to turn off what has consistently been voted the world’s most annoying alarm app is to go to the pictured place and take a photo. I suggest you make it your sink. 


Food is serious business in your first year. When you’re not ordering out, you’ll have to start thinking about what and maybe even how, to cook. MealBoard combines recipe and grocery management with meal planning and execution into a single app so that you can refuel in a quick and painless manner. 


You might not be sharing bills in your first year, but you’ll rack up shared costs on your first day. From that one ‘mate’ that gets away with buying their round of drinks to working out what Dave owes you for that joint grocery shop, Payfriendz is the easiest way to transfer money between friends. It’s a free and quick download and will prevent you from falling out over £3.48. 

Class Timetable 

For many, university is your first real taste of independence. You’ll have a lot to organise and remember, and one of your most important schedules will be your classes. The Class Timetable app is the perfect tool for keeping track of lectures and seminars and easily adding events to your week’s schedule. 

Share Your Board 

If you’re not especially keen on note taking in seminars then Share Your Board is perfect for you. The application captures whiteboard images and enhances them to get ‘crisp and readable notes and summaries’. When you’re done you can review your images and add notations before sharing with your friends!

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