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5 tips to improve your health


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Exercise is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle, but is it enough?

The necessity of physical exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle is something of which most people are aware. However, this is not the only way to stay healthy, and other measures should be taken to improve your life. One such way, which is too often ignored, is the exercise of your brain.

This is a key way to stay healthy, as researchers believe that brain training stimulus and activities can reduce the onset of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's.

As such, exercising your brain, alongside physical exercise and a healthy diet, is essential for achieving a truly healthy lifestyle. 

Below are some suggestions for those looking to improve their health on how they can stimulate their brain.


Exercise has many benefits and is proven to not only strengthen your arm, leg, and core muscles but also your brain muscle. Research suggests that with average exercise the memory and information retention cortex in your brain can increase in size.

Also, in addition to the physical growth of your brain, exercise will fight depression, anxiety, and stress brought on by daily life. Being free of these mental incapacities can vastly improve your health.


Just as your muscles need strength training, your brain also needs educational training to keep it sharp and active. Mental stimulation through strategic games is a key method to training your brain, particularly those which require your brain to process new information.

This can be anything from learning a new skill, such as a new language, or even taking on a home made project or hobby. Whatever it is, the processing of new information will ultimately keep your mind sharp.

Balanced Diet

Eating a nutritious and balanced meal on a daily basis is another vital factor to help improve brain function, yet for those with a busy work-life, it is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.

It is well known that eating a healthy balanced diet will keep your brain in top condition and extend the life of your mental capacity. Moreover the Mediterranean diet, which consists of healthy food such as fish, eggs, poultry, dairy and low fats, with a ban on processed meat, is now the most recommended diet for heightened brain function.


While it may seem to be an odd component of a healthy brain, the act of socialising is a natural human need and can stimulate feelings of happiness and well-being.

Our feelings are non-tangible, however they still serve as an important role in our health. Through socialising we can alleviate fears and worries, as well as accept new ideas and learnings, all of which contribute to promoting a healthy brain.

Stay Well-Rested

Last but not least, a well-deserved sleep is the best medicine for your brain. By achieving a good 7 to 9 hours sleep each night you allow your brain to recharge and strengthen its memory capacity.

Even ten minute resets throughout the day where you switch off your thinking can be beneficial for your health, particularly for those who have significantly busy work and life schedules.

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