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Sleep: are you getting enough?


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A decent amount of sleep is essential for our wellbeing - but with a hectic student lifestyle it can often fall by the wayside.

Indeed, John Lennon may have been on to something when, in 1966, he wrote:

“When I wake up early in the morning,

Lift my head, I'm still yawning.

When I'm in the middle of a dream,

Stay in bed, float up stream.”

(I’m Only Sleeping – Lennon-McCartney, from ‘Revolver’ by The Beatles)

The truth of the matter is “the middle of a dream” or, more accurately, the middle of a sleep cycle is the worst possible time to be woken up, leaving you with that all-too-familiar loathing of the alarm and a yearning for just an extra few minutes in bed.

This nifty bed time calculator takes into account the average duration of a sleep cycle,providing you with the best time to sleep as well as earlier and later alternatives to suit all lifestyles. You could well find that going to bed half an hour later than normal may actually leave you feeling better rested come the morning.

Of course, other factors also affect the quality of sleep. Imbibing drinks with high caffeine and sugar contents in the four hours before bed isn’t going to do you any favours! Likewise, the blinking lights and electronic hum of electrical equipment, no matter how subtle, can prove surprisingly distracting when trying to doze off.

This interior design blog gives more detail on the ways you can maximise the quality of your night’s sleep; particularly invaluable in term time time when health and concentration need to be at their peak. Some bed time reading if nothing else!  

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