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What changing the world really looks like, in 9 pictures

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Thinking about what's next for you? No doubt your Instagram feeds are filled with pictures of friends off travelling on their gap years.

But maybe you are looking for something different?

Volunteering with Restless Development on the International Citizen Service (ICS) isn’t a gap year experience.

ICS is an opportunity to get involved in international development and work with other passionate young people who are bringing about change in communities around the world.

1. ICS is a once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunity open to all 18 - 25 year olds. If you’re over 23 years old, you can apply to be a Team Leader.


Suzi, a Team Leader in South Africa, supported volunteers to run their local health campaigns raising awareness about the spread of HIV and AIDS and substance abuse.

2. ICS is the chance to work for 10 - 12 weeks in communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. #ICS4Change


“It’s changed me as a person - my values and my attitude has changed. It’s open to anyone; you’re not restricted because of where you are or who you are, where you’ve come from. I 100% would recommend it.” Megan, on placement in South Africa

3. ICS is working in partnership with local volunteers to make sure you become an integral part of the community.


Remi took this photo of fellow volunteer, Ntende, on placement in Uganda and is making a short film about his ICS experience. Check out his photo blog to see what else they got up to.


4. ICS is a chance to build your CV, and gain leadership and teamwork skills. You don’t need previous qualifications. But you will get lots of new ones.

98% of ICS volunteers would recommend ICS as a way to develop skills for employment.


5. ICS is THE UK Government international volunteering programming for young people. You’re supported all the way and you don’t have to spend a penny.

Aleks’ Campaign Day in Zambia raised awareness of sexual harassment and teenage pregnancy. Now she’s back in the UK she’s pursuing a career in women’s rights.


6. ICS is the chance to challenge yourself to change your world, to experience a new culture, to gain a new perspective and be part of sustainable development projects solving some of the world's toughest problems.

Becky and her team captured this moment on placement in Tanzania. Her and her team organised a careers fair where they helped young people write their CVs, invited local businesses to give talks, and provided a networking space. You can see photos from the event here.


7. ICS is where thousands of young people are already active citizens, working in the UK and in countries to bring about positive change. #WeAreRestless


We only work with projects that have specifically asked for our help – and where our volunteers can use their energy and skills to make a direct impact on reducing poverty.


8. ICS is creating leaders of tomorrow. Leaders like you.

Ali, volunteering in South Africa, worked with a group of boys from the local school on sexual and reproductive health. Together they rehearsed a skit on healthy relationships which the students performed in front of 200 people at a Community Action Day.

9. ICS doesn't end when your overseas placement is over. You’ll be part of a movement of young active citizens, who are contributing to their communities, committed to fighting poverty, and campaigning for global justice.


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