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This sheep found its way into a student house and people can't handle the cuteness


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We all know someone that is a bit extra when it comes to pets and while you're parents still won't let you get a kitten, Tommy down the hall sneaked his pet fish to campus. 

A group of students took this further by taking in a pet sheep after it had wandered into their home.

Northumbrian student Scott Jones, 19, shared a screenshot of his group conversation between his mates captioning it 'goes to uni in Wales.'

The tweet shows messages between a group of students wishing their friend a happy birthday but suddenly transforms when one student says: 'Mate this house has a sheep in it.' 

Attached are pictures of a sheep curled up on a student's bed, wrapped in a grey blanket, as well as a shot of the sheep in a narrow hallway. Students from across the UK have responded in force with many wishing they'd had a pet sheep.

Other students are not so happy about the idea of an extra unexpected roommate.

Wales is infamous for its numbers of sheep so it's a big possibility that one could find its way into student halls?

Only recently in November 2017, Cambridge University's study concluded that sheep have the mental capacity to recognise familiar human faces, making it more likely that a sheep could form an emotional attachment to a human owner.

Professor of Neurobiology, Jenny Morton, concluded: 'We've shown that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and monkeys'.

However, sheep are not the only bizarre pet kept by students.

Birmingham student Josh Smith and his housemates keep pet quails, a species of small bird belonging to the pheasant and partridge family.

Raised in an incubator from inside eggs to adults, the quails are a cute and furry addition to the household.

Although the little birds look cute, a recent power altercation between older quails and a newer member of the family resulted in one quail's tragic death.

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