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UCL Men’s Rugby Club accused of racism after hosting a Chinese New Year event with a 'one-child policy'


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Last Friday, the UCL Men’s Rugby Club hosted a Chinese New Year event which encouraged 'oriental attire and rogue behaviour' on the event page.  

The event, held at the President’s home, encouraged attendees to “make [Chairman Mao’s] dreams come true” and mentioned that they could expect a venue draped in “rouge and other far-eastern ornaments” as well as “firecrackers, lanterns and poppadoms” (the last being a food traditional to South Asia, rather than China).

Chairman Mao who is credited for unifying China after the Second World War, remains a controversial figure today. 

An event organiser reassured attendees that the guest-list policy would be tighter than “the People’s Republic of China’s censorship laws.”

He referred to the number of guests each attendee was allowed bring to a “one-child policy."

The post encouraged attendees to come in “oriental attire” and take part in “rogue behaviour”.

The organiser signed off with a play on the opening line of 'March of the Volunteers' the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China.

A Snapchat screenshot from the day after the event shows two members of the Club posing in front of a Che Guevara banner, with the caption “Goose & Dog thanking you all for last night #Mao.”

UCL Men's Rugby Club has declined comment

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