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Liverpool students want to rename the Gladstone building after journalist Jon Snow


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Liverpool University students have launched a campaign to remove the name of former Prime Minister William Gladstone from a building after discovering he 'benefitted' from the slave trade.

The Roscoe & Gladstone Halls of residence are being knocked down and redeveloped, students have suggested the building is named after Law alumni Jon Snow. 

The Channel 4 presenter was expelled from Liverpool in 1970 after he organised an anti-apartheid student protest but was later awarded an honorary degree by the university in 2011.

Lead campaigner and Veterinary student Alisha Raithatha started a petition on Liverpool Guild of Students’ website.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Raithatha said she felt "a bit disgusted" after discovering more about the namesake of the halls she lived in. 

The petition reads:

“William Gladstone was a former UK prime minister. His politics were funded by his father Sir John Gladstone’s wealth, which was built on the back of the slave trade.

“William Gladstone is known to have fought for reparations for slave traders like his father during the abolition of the trade, as well as not being in favour of the abolition.

“We believe someone with this controversial background should not have a university hall named after them, especially in a city where we try hard not to forget the atrocities that took place on our docks.”


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