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London student in custody after spray painting the outside of Mayor Sadiq Khan's workplace


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King’s College London student Roger Hallam has been arrested and imprisoned after repeated acts of civil disobedience in campaign describing air pollution as 'social murder.'

In an open letter posted to social media on his behalf, it explains how campaigners Stuart Basden, Ian Bray, Roger Hallam and Genny Scherer were arrested after painting slogans on the City Hall building. 

The open letter was written inside prison, which Hallam claims he was incarcerted for 23.5 hours a day.

"I and other campaigners are here because, despite repeated requests, you have as yet not agreed to a short meeting with us. In protest, we painted messages on the outside of your place of work, at City Hall," he said.

"The response has been imprisonment. We are now on hunger strike and we are suffering as a result. I came into prison with a virus and bad cough and when I stand up, I feel faint. Tomorrow, I will be seeing the prison nurse."

The 'Stop killing Londoners' campaign sent their demands for immediate action on pollution levels to Sadiq Khan and received a letter back from the Mayor's office.

Since August 2017, the group have set up daily roadblocks, mock funerals and spray painted buildings. They have promised to continue their civil disobedience until the Mayor agrees to a meeting to discuss taking action against dangerous pollution levels.

In 2017, Phd student Roger Hallam went on a 14-day hunger strike and spray painted parts of King's in a bid to get the university to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Hallam who was arrested on several occasions and given an emergency suspension was successful in getting the university to agree to divest by 2022. 

Hallam along with the other campaigners have been released with a fine of £385 each. 

Image of Roger Hallam by Jared Phanco 

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