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This student's acrobatic juggling baseball catch wouldn't look out of place at the circus


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A student in the US has received a host of plaudits for a juggling catch he made in a University baseball game.

Griffin Barnes – yes his name is Griffin and it’s awesome – made the catch by bouncing the ball on his hand twice, before diving to let it rest in his glove.

As lucky as the grab may look, the Grand Canyon University (GCU) catcher said – although he saw the ball late – all that juggling was deliberate.

“I didn’t even see the ball get popped up,” he told GCU Baseball’s website. “Then I saw it right up in front of my face first time and instinct told me to move my hand and hit it and then the second time when I was diving I knew I wasn’t going to be able to catch it with my glove so I just tried to hit it up. I did and just kind of stayed with it.”

The catch drew huge attention online and went on to feature on NBC’s Today show and claim top spot in SportsCenter’s top plays of the day on sports network ESPN.

The incredible catch was made against Seattle University, in a game which finished a romping 19-0 to GCU.

A career isn’t often made on one catch, but if Barnes doesn’t make it as a baseball player – it seems a career in the circus is always available.

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