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55% of students to vote Labour – but half don't trust them with tuition fees


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A survey carried out last week by HEPI and YouthSight has revealed the voting intentions of students in the upcoming general election.

According to its findings, 55% of students say they would vote Labour in an election “held tomorrow”.

The Conservatives are second most popular among students, with 18%. The Liberal Democrats and the Greens, both previously popular parties among students, polled at 12 and 6% respectively.

2% said they would be voting for UKIP.

The support for Labour among students surpasses that displayed in the run up to the last three elections, with 23, 32, and 35% of students expressing support for Labour in April of 2005, 2010, and 2015 correspondingly.

This increase in support for Labour seems in large part related to the change in leadership, with Jeremy Corbyn receiving a net favourability score of +29, compared with Tim Farron who received -10, and Theresa May who scored -33.

Labour party leaders Corbyn and John McDonnell have stated their support for the abolition of tuition fees and the reintroduction of maintenance grants, but it has not yet been confirmed whether this promise will appear in their manifesto. Half of students don´t believe that they will carry through on this pledge if they win the election.

93% of students entitled to vote are registered, with only 5% certain that they are not. When asked on a scale of one to ten how likely they were to vote, four fifths chose between eight and ten.

With this election being held five weeks later than usual, this survey reveals that over two thirds of students will vote in their home constituencies, rather than at university. It is yet unknown what impact, if any, this will have on the outcome of the election.

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