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Meet this year's NUS candidates


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The National Union of Student elections are upon us: let's meet the candidates.


Malia Bouattia 

Malia was elected to the union last year. During her time in office as the NUS president she has organised a national demo, established regional networks and events, and challenged parliament. The year hasn´t been without controversy though, with some calling her anti-Israel stance antisemitic. Malia is seeking to be re-elected to continue her process of liberation and "a collective voice."

Tom Harwood

Tom's message is relegitimisation. He wants the NUS to speak for all students and ensure the voice of students are heard on issues that affect them - such as living costs and tuition fees. Tom also wants the union to be more democratic, more accountable and more responsive to the concerns of students.

Shakira Martin

Shakira's main focus is education. She's brought her own personal message to her election campaign, talking about how education has helped her. Shakira wants the NUS to embody a spirit of optimism made up of hope, aspiration and opportunity. Her main priority is a united union fighting for free education for all. It's not all serious though, as Shakira has proposed that if she were elected, the NUS would be a fun, vibrant and welcoming environment for people, as well as bringing intelligence, innovation and energy with campaigning led by students.

Vice President (Further Education)

Emily Ann Chapman 

Emily is currently the SU president at Leeds City College. Her aim is to be a voice for students' unions in further educational settings, and make education better for students in them. Partnership is key for Emily, as is sharing best practice and building the power of students' unions, ultimately making education better.

Myriam Kane

Myriam is inspired by collective power and the impact it can have on challenging injustice. She wants to put further education centre stage to fight the Conservative government, racism, Brexit and Donald Trump. She's bringing her own personal experiences of bullying and discrimination to her campaign.

Vice President (Higher Education)

Amatey Doku

For Amatey, education is used to empower people - but he´s seen all too often how many students can be shut out from recieving the full benefits of education. Amatey wants a National Union of Students that can work on and win on the issues that matter to students at a crucial time in the sector. 

Niall Hamilton

Niall is currently the education officer at Reading University SU. During his role there, Niall has embedded liberation into the curriculum, trained course reps, and held a 250 student strong demonstration against staff job cuts. For Niall, harnessing the creative and collective talent of students on a national level is important, in order to bring a free and liberated education system.

Ana Oppenheim

Ana would like to fight for students nationally and wants to create an unapologetic response against rising fees and marketisation of the education sector. She's fought for students at her own university union but wants to build grassroots activism and campaign for a free, democratic, accessible and liberated education on a national scale.

Vice President (Society and Citizenship)

Danny Nasr

Danny is currently president of Goldsmith College's student union. Danny has used his student union as a gateway to campaign for a fairer society. Most notably he managed to secure £140,000 per year in refugee scholarships. He feels as though the society and citizenship campaign should be the engine of the NUS.

Robbie Young

Current Society and Citizenship VP Robbie is seeking re-election and is still determined to help build a "transformative" student movement. He is proud of his achievements in the post this year but has said he has more to do. Robbie believes in a political and sustainable union that fights, in his words, "the worst of Brexit."

Vice President (Union Development)

Aleem Bashir

Aleem ran as an officer in his student union because he felt like his voice wasn't heard and was left frustrated after having his thoughts and beliefs spoken for without consultation or communication with him directly. He wants a union that is more representative of its membership, that takes on student concerns and makes a difference to the lives of students. 

Matt Grange

As a student at the University of West London, Matt has seen the challenges students' unions are facing, but has also seen the impact they can have on students and their lives. He believes in giving the NUS back to student unions and starting to fight for things that matter to the students and officers on UK campuses. 

Ali Milani

Ali wants collectiveness. He believes in SUs and the combined power of students. He would like the NUS to come back together and work on student issues, and win again for the body it represents. Ali wants to take steps forward and strengthen the union's democracy and believes the best days for the union are still ahead. 

Vice President (Welfare)

Jenny Killin 

Jenny believes in a free education and an NUS that can support accessibility, students' mental health, and inclusivity. She thinks education can't be free if it pushes students into debt and that it can't be accessible if learning affects rent and means skipping classes. Jenny wants the NUS to tackle students' current reality. In her position as Welfare Officer at Aberdeen University Students' Association she has played a key role in the Aberdeen: Cut The Rent campaign.

Izzy Lenga

The current climate is a big problem for Izzy, who believes that if we don't act that there will be nothing left to take from the education system. She wants to lead a campaign that listens to students and shouts alongside them. As a partnership between her and students, Izzy wants to deliver programmes nationally as well as fight local and UK-wide campaigns based on what student union's across the country need.

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