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Kings College London has agreed to divest from fossil fuels


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Kings College London announced last night that the university would divest from all fossil fuels by 2022.

The announcement came after 14 days of hunger strike by PhD student Roger Hallam, and after 24 hours of occupation of the Old Committee Room by Kings College Climate Emergency.

Hallam, who had previously been suspended by the university for protesting their investment in oil and gas companies, led talks between student activists and administration staff yesterday evening.

The agreement with the university has seven key points, including recognising that divestment is only one part of the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While KCL has agreed to be divested from all fossil fuels by the end of 2022, they also aim to be carbon-free by 2025, although this is "dependent upon having options without significant financial impact".

Kings is also to more than double the percentage of its investments with "socially responsible benefits" to 40% by 2025.

This move comes on the same day that the University of Bristol announced its own fossil fuel divestment plan, which has been signed off by the institution´s board of trustees. Bristol will remove all funds from coal and tar sands extractors within the next year, and will move £3 million into a fund made up of environmentally friendly companies.

Both Bristol and KCL are joining an ever-growing number of British universities agreeing to divest from fossil fuels following student-led campaigns and protests. 

Lead image by Katy Ereira.

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