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Goldsmiths University has released a video about chicken shops and people are fairly outraged


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A Goldsmiths University lecturer believes that a lot of Londoners feel “disgust” toward chicken shops, and don’t understand them or the people who visit them.

“They speak multicultural London English, they listen to grime music, and they eat fried chicken,” Dr Alex-Rhys Taylor said.

“People are really disgusted actually, by the smell and the sight of fried chicken shops.”

People are not pleased with the tone Taylor takes in the video, which was uploaded by Goldsmiths to plug the lecturer’s book.

Some people thought this was a little condescending.

For example, Elro:

Taylor said that the anxiety a certain class of Londoner feels toward chicken shops is to do with their underlying feelings about the ethnic make-up of the city and the changes London has undergone due to migration.

But some people reckon it just feels a bit cheap.

Chicken shops, a staple of many of our formative years, have been getting a lot of press lately, so it’s not all that surprising to see a university taking notice.

The Chicken Connoisseur going viral led to a number of people who may never have stepped foot inside a regular chicken shop – we’re not talking KFC here – wanting to visit their local, while at the same time likely feeling uncomfortable around the groups of friends that gather there.

There’s undoubtedly a class element to chicken shops, and one that can feel like it’s being exploited here, but Taylor is probably just saying what we already knew. Some people don’t like chicken shops and the people associated with them.

We’ll leave you with this.

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