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A spy-training bursary for female uni students has been launched


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Espionage is a profession shrouded in mystery, silver-screen intrigue, plenty of money and, unfortunately, overt masculinity.

It takes a well-lined pocket to train a potential spy in the necessary practises of "…escape and evasion, use of firearms, seduction, first-aid, hand-to-hand combat...” – or does it?

The start-up Secret Me has developed a unique opportunity for two female university students: an annual bursary worth £12,000 designed to help students undergo training provided by the Special Forces and Intelligence Specialists.

Intended to prepare the young women for entrance into the workplace, teaching will include conflict resolution, dealing with stress, and a working understanding of corporate intelligence.

The successful students will be mentored by Sara Fazlali (pictured) Secret Me’s CEO and a former UN adviser.

Fazlali says: “We’re looking for two brave young women to show that training, mentoring, as well as the right mindset and a little money can be all it takes to succeed. We will provide the tools and experience but ultimately challenge them to propel themselves into the areas they hadn’t thought possible.”

She adds that Secret Me wanted to demonstrate that this training “is not restricted to already successful individuals. There is potential to be released at all stages and ages”.

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