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NUS Vice President Richard Brooks is 'helping organise' individuals to oust Malia Bouattia, Al Jazeera is reporting


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NUS Vice President Richard Brooks discussed opposing President Malia Bouattia with figures linked to the Israeli embassy, according to an Al Jazeera investigation

In a video posted to the news website, Richard Brooks, who has served as Vice President for Union Development for the National Union of Students since July, tells undercover reporter Robin that he is involved organising a national network of NUS individuals working to oppose the current president.

The reporter posed as a political activist with links to the Israeli embassy as part of an investigation into Israeli influence being exerted on British politics.

In the video Brooks admits to accepting a trip to Israel funded by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

Brooks had previously appeared on Radio 4 to criticise Bouattia for her anti-Zionist views, which he believes amount to anti-Semitism, but at this time did not mention the trip, nor his other ties to the UJS.

He goes on to speak of secret meetings held during the NUS election campaign with UJS campaign manager Russel Langer:

“We'd have our little secret purpose meetings where we'd plan how to get moderate people with good politics and any number of things elected to certain places.”

Brooks has since taken to twitter to deny being part of an Israeli government-led conspiracy and to defend his right to speak out against Bouattia.


To see for yourself, watch this Al Jazeera video from 20:22.

The National Student has reached out to Richard Brooks for comment. 

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