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Including this one thing on your CV can help you get a graduate job


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With the increasing competition for graduate jobs, students need to know what will make them stand out from other recent graduates. Well, new research from Click4reg found a surprising answer - a driving license.

22 different recruitment consultants, business coaches and resource personnel unanimously agreed that the ability to drive is a valuable attribute, and one you should include on your CV and in job applications.

This may sound strange, but there are several crucial benefits gained from possessing this license.

Driving enhances skills such as patience, a valuable asset for employers. It can also help in office environments where an ability to work under pressure, make decisions and show co-ordination could be key.

Similarly a lot of graduate jobs require visiting clients, customers or suppliers across the country as part of the role, making a driving license desirable. As public transport is sometimes unreliable, the risk of being late can be mitigated with the possession of a driving license.

Before a job is even secured it is also important for students and graduates to attend career fairs, yet there are so many situated throughout the country that a driving license allows interested students to attend as many as possible.

According to Nisha Miller, a business coach: "The ability to drive shows an energy and desire to learn new skills. Similarly, it demonstrates an appetite to be self-dependent."

It seems that driving lessons might just be worth the time and money…

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