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The cheapest university to study at in the UK has been revealed


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With UCAS deadlines right around the corner, prospective students looking to save money should be heading north: the cheapest UK university is Dundee’s Abertay University.  

Dundee is a compact city - it’s easy to get around and most of Abertay’s campus is fairly central, hence travel costs are minimised.

More importantly though private rents are low, approximately a third of the average student rent in London.

Also important are Abertay’s lower than average tuition fees. While most universities charge the maximum £9,000 per year allowed by the Government,  Abertay charge £8,000.

In The Complete University Guide’s rankings Abertay comes 86th out of 127 overall, just above Aberystwyth, Northampton and its close competitor Edinburgh Napier.

Notably Abertay also has a higher student satisfaction rating than both UCL and The University of Edinburgh.

Eight out of the ten most expensive universities were, of course, in London. Comparing Imperial’s £10,920 spent on student halls alone, to Abertay’s £4,536 is illuminating. Local knowledge has it however that Abertay’s student flats are: “the ugliest buildings in Dundee,” so make of the price what you will.

Abertay also has some interesting specialist subjects on offer, perhaps the most notable being its ‘Ethical Hacking’ course. “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who asked about it,” says newly graduated Daniel Mosca in Abertay’s prospectus.

Elsewhere there are also specialist courses in computer game design and other windows into the gaming industry - unsurprising given Dundee has served as the birth place of iconic games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Abertay’s offering will be an attractive one for 2017’s applicants: low prices, unique courses and good student satisfaction, all in an easily navigable city with a great history and flourishing social scene. Competitors such as UCLAN, (now rated 13 positions behind Abertay in The Complete University Guide’s league tables) and Edinburgh Napier will be weary…

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