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You can now arrive at university in a private jet


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As of today, students with a spare £25,000 in their back pocket can catch a fairly superior lift to university – in a private jet.

Yes, the UK’s “first luxury transport service” has launched – and it includes the options of private jet, helicopter, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Mclaren P1 or a Ferrari F430, amongst other wildly over the top travel options that look like they’ve been plucked from the photo feed of a Rich Kid of Instagram.

Obviously, this transport option is something that we believe 99% of the world’s freshers’ would just love to indulge in – if they had a spare, oooh, entire year’s wage for a highly earning graduate floating around without any particular use.

We can’t think of many students that we know who would use this service, but hey – we don’t judge. If you want to spend thousands of pounds flying into uni via helicopter (better make sure there’s a landing pad!) rather than on holidays or rent or, you know, food, then go right ahead.

The service, provided by UniBaggage, is aimed directly at Very Important Freshers (their words – definitely not ours) and aims to provide “an action-packed James Bond style expedition across the country, to arrive in style and make an entrance enviable of movie stars and premiership football players.”

Uni Baggage also promises to “transport the students (sic) belongings separately so they have everything they need to start university.”

Why? Well, because they believe that their students “should be able to choose how they travel to university, (and) public transport or driving may be an undesired option for a select few.”

I mean, we know where they’re coming from. We really did hate getting stuck on the M6 on our way into uni. Why on earth didn’t we just charter a private jet to transport us across the Pennines instead? D’uh.

If you don’t fancy the private jet option, you could instead choose an Aston Martin (£15,000) or the budget option – an Austen-esque horse and carriage, a snip at £10,000.

The helicopter option, meanwhile, costs £20,000, the Rolls Royce Phantom £15,000 and the McLaren P1 £18,000.

Well, your dad’s old Citroen obviously just isn’t going to cut it anymore, is it?

If you’re disgusted, intrigued or just want to know more, you can find out more information here.

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