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70% of students want to leave UK, survey shows


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Seven out of ten British students are considering a future away from the UK, with the weather, quality of life, and the current government being the leading factors, shows a recent survey.

The survey—carried out in the wake of last month’s budget announcement— asked 16-21 year-olds from around the UK how they felt about life and their future prospects.

More than half of these unhappy young people wished for a better quality of life.

When asked for specific reasons, more than 20% blamed the economy and over 30% said they were unhappy with the current government, as young people become increasingly disillusioned with David Cameron and the Conservatives.

Many responses were unforgiving of life in the UK, with one respondent claiming “British people don't appreciate anything” and another saying “Its grey dull and miserable and people spend more time looking at screens than each other in the eye.”

The survey – carried out by Robinsons Relocation – showed that one third of those that wanted to leave agreed that life in the UK was too expensive and that they would like to live somewhere cheaper, whilst one in five would like their family to have a better future than that which is available in the UK.

Employment and job opportunities were other popular reasons for considering life abroad, as was the cost of attending university.

74% of students in London have thought about moving abroad, as the cost of living in the capital continues to escalate.

East Anglia, The North West, The West Midlands and Northern Ireland saw the largest rates of unhappiness, with over 80% of youngsters from each considering an escape.

In contrast, 80% of young people in the East Midlands saw their long term futures there.

In the last few months there has been an increasing focus in the media regarding the way young people feel about their futures, and these statistics highlight the younger generation’s unhappiness, especially in areas outside of London.

When asked where they would like to move, The United States was by far the most popular location with over 60% of the votes, followed by Australia, and Canada, showing British Youth prefer English speaking countries.

Ian Brown, Head of International Moving at Robinsons, said: “It’s understandable that so many young people have thought about leaving the UK: many are struggling financially, have difficulty finding jobs and feel they have they have fewer opportunities in general. Conversely, there are a large number of countries across the world with great standards of living that are very welcoming to Brits. That means leaving our shores is a very tempting option for many young people.

“Here at Robinsons, our data supports this and we’re seeing increasing numbers of younger people contacting us about relocating overseas, with locations such as America and Australia being particularly popular.”

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