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ConIFA World Football Cup 2018: Who are Cascadia?


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As part of The National Student's coverage of the ConIFA World Football Cup, we're given the low down on all 16 teams in the tournament. This time, we're introducing Cascadia and the background of the region. 

Who are they?

Cascadia is a region of North America, covering the north-western corner of the United States and the south-western corner of Canada.

The exact borders of the region are conservatively defined as the US states of Washington and Oregon and the Canadian province of British Columbia. These three components have a combined population of 16 million. At its peak, it can also include parts of Southeast Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Yukon. 

The region is united primarily through something called bioregionalism. 

This is when an area is united through natural landscapes, climates, plants and animals. Bioregionalism argues the places that make up Cascadia have more in common with one another through culture, ecology and economy than the rest of their countries.

You may have come across the name before in geography. The Cascadian fault line runs from Vancouver Island to Northern California. It is a subduction zone, where the Explorer, Juan de Fuca and Gorda plans are moving East, underneath the Southwestern moving North American Plate.

As such the regions major population centres such as Vancouver, Seattle and Portland are at risk of volcanic activity and earthquakes. 

The team and their ConIFA history

This is the first ConIFA tournament appearance for the Cascadian team. 

The team was first mooted in 2011. In 2012, supporters of the Vancouver Whitecaps, Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer, began to wear kits designed by Kelly Dews. 

The success of Cascadian athletes in the 2012 Olympics accelerated talk. In 2013, US footballing legend and beard/long-hair icon, Alexi Lalas said it would be an "honour" to manage a potential team.

The side will be captained by James Riley, now 35, Riley has played for New England Revolution, San Jose Earthquakes, Seattle Sounders, Chivas USA, DC United, LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids in the MLS.

Famous Cascadians 

Notable individuals from the Cascadia region include musicians Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, actresses Pamela Anderson, Sandra Oh, Courtney Love and Kim Novak as well as the 31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover. 

Image Credit - Wikipedia Commons. Pixabay.

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