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From builder to stardom - The Wealdstone Raider discusses life five years on


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It was 9th March 2013. Wealdstone Football Club was playing Whitehawk Football Club away from home in a crunch non-league English football tie.

A small, skinny Wealdstone fan was receiving abuse from Whitehawk fans throughout the whole game for his looks and speech impediment, and he decided to fight back.

"You want some?" he exclaimed as he stood up to the man almost twice the size of him. This was the start of something special for Gordon Hill, or as he is now more commonly known as, The Wealdstone Raider.

This moment was captured in a 32-second YouTube video, which now has over 11 million views.

"My worst memory was being followed around and abused", said Hill, now 53, and at the time he could never have imagined how his life was going to change from simply standing up for himself at a football game.

He now has over 80,000 Twitter followers, and he claims that he is recognised all the time on the streets.

Hill lives in Harrow, West London, and has remained there despite his rise to fame. He has been working as a maintenance man for a few months, before that he was a builder. Now he remains an internet phenomenon.

He prefers to be called Gordon to his friends, but to the public, he likes to be called The Wealdstone Raider.

"The Wealdstone Raider is an actor", he claims, preferring to play the part of a man who has made catchphrases like "You want some?" and "You've got no fans!" famous at English football grounds today.

However, Hill still prefers to be treated like a 'normal' person and neglects his celebrity status when he is with his friends an family.

"If I went around as The Wealdstone Raider all the time it would drive me mad," he said.

He has admitted to buying some of his own merchandise, most notably a Wealdstone Raider themed birthday card for £4.99 for his friend.

His merchandise has also gone global, as a banner of his face was spotted at a Dutch football game between PEC Zwolle and ADO Den Haag in 2014.

Originally he wanted "nothing to do" with The Wealdstone Raider, but after a meeting with the President of Wealdstone Football Club, he changed his mind and decided to pose as The Raider for charity.

He does not want to stop there, insisting that he wants to "make as much money as possible".

In 2014, he released a charity single entitled "You've got no fans!" which reached number five in the Christmas charts. All the money raised from the single he donated to charities, including Great Ormond Street Hospital, with to whom he "owed a lot" to his childhood.

Hill's mother died when he was seven. His brother passed away two years ago. At the hospital, he was constantly treated for toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease that is usually caused by eating poorly cooked food or being exposed to cat faeces.

"My childhood was rough," he muttered, as he preferred not to reminisce about his early "torment."

He said he is "proud" of what he has done as The Wealdstone Raider. His proudest moment is running the London Marathon and putting on his Wealdstone Football Club shirt on when he crossed the finish line.

The night before the interview, Hill was in Liverpool at a gig. There were 300,000 people there, and everybody he met on the night recognised who he was and took a selfie with him. He did not have to clean up after himself, which he disagreed with.

You can hire The Wealdstone Raider to appear in pubs and nightclubs through his new agent, although you can usually find him at The Pinner Arms most weekends. He charges two pounds a selfie, which all go towards his charity funding.

Hill does not know whether he will ever stop being The Wealdstone Raider.

"I have tried to stop it and it never worked!" he laughed, implying that The Wealdstone Raider is a legacy that could possibly continue forever."There is a lot more to come" from The Wealdstone Raider, or Gordon Hill as he prefers, as he continues to terrorise rival fans at Wealdstone Football Club matches to come.

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